Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013 Golden State Warriors Free Agency Recipe

By Justin Taylor

The Warriors have no draft picks and no cap space but they do have some big time issues to address this offseason. It may sound impossible to retain or replace Jarrett Jack AND Carl Landry under those circumstances but I’m confident Bob Myers and Joe Lacob will get the job done. I’m convinced the Warriors will either buy a draft pick, pay the luxury tax this season or do both. That’s because they know as well as I do that the luxury tax bill will be a one time fee. After next season the ghosts of Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson will stop haunting the books and everyone will be able to breathe easier.

Nobody would complain about some more home cooking as long as it doesn't cost too much

The recipe to replacing Jack and/or Landry without putting a dent in that cap space earmarked for a stud in 2014 is easy, right? You just do exactly what you did to get those two in the first place. You let all of the big free agent names come off the market and get yourself a couple of solid veterans on cheap one year deals. There is nothing better than a professional athlete in a contract year because you know you will get maximum effort every single night.

Here is my free agent target list which includes what yearly salary I'd pay and for how long; since it's not my money of course. I feel like we need another big man for when Bogut misses games, a power forward and a point guard so those are the only positions I'm looking at.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Last year I was all about Jason Kidd coming back to the Bay, providing veteran leadership and a pass first point guard that this roster lacked and still does. Boy was I wrong on that call. Hopefully I can learn from my mistakes and give Bob Myers a better road map this season.


Andrew Bynum                   At what price: $14-$18 million        At what length: 5 years

HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Yeah right!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to laugh at whichever NBA team gets this case of indigestion

Chris Kaman                        At what price: $6-$7 million                        At what length: 2 years

It is slim pickings at the center spot. So much so that I think Kaman will get more than my target price in the first week or two of free agency. We need more of a rebounder anyways.

Zaza Pachulia                       At what price: $4 million      At what length: 1 year

This is a tough guy that might push Ezeli if and when Bogut goes down. I’ve got a feeling he’d look really good with a change of scenery and a one year deal.

Joel Pryzbilla                       At what price: $800k                        At what length: 1 year

Haven’t seen him in a couple years but I bet he can still rebound. Would come super cheap late in free agency which is exactly what the type of deal I’m targeting.

Jason Collins                        At what price: $800k-$900k                        At what length: 1 year

This is a last resort and it would be more like paying to have someone giving Ezeli extra coaching than it would be for anything on the court.

Power Forward:

Carl Landry              At what price: $5-$6 million                        At what length: 1 year

I’m hoping like hell he opts into his deal but if he gets more somewhere else I think there will be other highly motivated cheap options out there.

Elton Brand              At what price: $2-$3 million                        At what length: 2 years

I don’t see the downside if you can get Elton Brand in the fold to play 15 minutes a night for a couple million a year. He just seems like a perfect fit to help bring the kids along while still giving you a solid post presence in spurts.

Nothing like an experienced chef coming off the bench

JJ Hickson                 At what price: $4-$5 million                        At what length: 1 year

He was on the short list last year and would still look good playing here as long as it’s a very short contract. As in, expiring from the minute the ink dries.

Dejaun Blair             At what price: $2-$4 million                        At what length: 1 year

As long as he’s playing on a one year deal I don’t think his lack of ACL’s will come back to bite us. At this price the Spurs might want to keep him but it’s not out of the question.

Andray Blatche        At what price: $1 million                  At what length: 1 years

Stupid, crazy, head case, insanely cheap 8th man. He’s a steal at that price unless you think he can affect the team’s chemistry, which I don’t think one knucklehead can.

Jason Maxiell            At what price: $5-$6 million                        At what length: 2 years

I’ve always been a fan and if he came for cheaper I might be a bigger fan of his than I’ve been of Landrys.

David West               At what price: $6-$7 million                        At what length: 3 years

This is a pipe dream because he’ll go early in the free agency period but I’m keeping him on my list until he’s gone.

Brandan Wright      At what price: $1-$2 million                        At what length: 3 years

Remember the guy we traded Jason Richardson for? He’s much better than that guy as long as he’s playing 20 minutes or less a night. That’s exactly what we need at exactly the price we want to pay.

Point Guards:

Jarrett Jack               At what price: $5-$6 million                        At what length: 2 years

When you look at the list below you’ll see a couple names that provide a lot of what Jack does for half the price. The Warriors need a guy that can create his own shot in the lane during crunch time. Even if it costs a little extra I think he is still one of the top options on this list.

Nate Robinson         At what price: $1-$2 million                        At what length: 2 years

If you thought Jarrett Jack shot you into as many games as he shot you out of then you probably hate Lil Nate. As a last resort you can do so much worse than this guy though. He bleeds toughness and his balls might actually account for half his body weight. No player in the league will take over more games off the bench for less money.

DJ Augustine             At what price: $3-$4 million                        At what length: 3 years

I’m not a huge fan of DJ but it is a risk I might be willing to take late in the FA period. If he doesn’t get swooped up early he’ll be cheap and will be entering his prime in the next few years, just like many other Warriors.

Spanish style? Yes please.

Jose Calderon           At what price: $4-$5 million                        At what length: 2 years

I’ll be watching every Calderon rumor very closely cause he is exactly what this roster has needed the last few years; a point guard who makes the scorers on the floor better with his passing and ability to space the floor. After making $10 million per over the last handful of years the only question is how big will his impending pay cut be?  All I know is that no other potential 6th man on this list will mesh better with our mix of shooters and post players. The big drawback is that he plays even less defense than Curry and Jack if you can believe that.

Shaun Livingston     At what price: $1 million                  At what length: 1 year

This is another name you might find once every known commodity is off the table. You could do a lot worse for the money he’ll command. Just know that he won’t replace 75% of what we got from Jack but he’ll be an upgrade to the second unit defense.

Earl Watson             At what price: $2-$3 million                        At what length: 1 years

I’m not sure what Earl has left but if he’s playing on a one year deal I bet you get every last drop out of him.

Mo Williams             At what price: $4-$5 million                        At what length: 2 years

Here is a Jarrett Jack clone for you. Williams will have no problem being the man on the second unit and taking the biggest shots in any game. The biggest question here is how big of a pay cut will Mo be willing to take? He’s definitely not making the $8+ million salary he’s been clearing but it might not matter. He’ll probably be one of the guys that gets signed in the first week of the Free Agency period.

Randy Foye               At what price: $2-$3 million                        At what length: 2 years

Another Jarrett Jack lite that will be hitting his prime very shortly and won’t put too big a dent in the salary cap.

Did I miss anybody? Overpay someone? Let me know!


  1. I would hate to lose 1 or both of these guys. They were so instrumental in the turnaround of this team with their play and veteran leadership. If we lose Jack then my first choice to replace him would be Mo Willams if he can be signed for around 4-6 mil/yr. He's undersized so I doubt he can play with Steph much, but he's got more range than JJ, and he plays the passing lanes well. He can also create his own shot. If he's not available then my next choices would be Devin Harris or Will Bynum. Harris is big enough to play with Steph, as he played alongside Jeff Teague in Atlanta. I like his size, quickness, and ability to penetrate and take his man off the dribble. I think Nate Robinson played himself into a contract the Warriors can't afford. Will Bynum would be the next best choice. He reminds me a lot of Robinson. He's tough and can score in bunches. As for Landry, I think the best choice to replace him would be Elton Brand. Like you said, he can score down low and isn't bad for 15-18 minutes a game. He might also be had for the vet minimum or around 2 mil/year. Other bigs I would consider are Kenyon Martin, Pachulia, or Jermaine O'Neal. I know we have depth at the 2/3 positions but I wouldn't mind if they took a look at a defensive minded wing like Tony Allen.

    Other guys they can take a chance on for a cheap price or to have some solid veterans at the end of the bench:

    Greg Oden
    Charles Jenkins - I want him back just because lol
    Nazr Mohammed
    Rony Turiaf
    Chris Wilcox
    Ronnie Brewer
    Keith Bogans

    1. GREG ODEN!!!!!!! That was one of the top names I was thinking of for a center and I'm pissed that I omitted him. I might need to run an update on that. Taking a flier on him (even though he probably wouldn't sign here anyway) would be so great cause if he pans out it might allow us to let Bogut come off the books with Beans/Jefferson and free up HUGE money to add a SUPERSTAR to the mix in 2014...

      Thanks for reading the column and adding those names!

    2. I feel the same way about Jenkins too...

  2. I'm hoping to be rid of David Lee or Landry. Replace one of them with a player like Larry Sanders. Sanders is 6'11" and could play power forward or center; that kills two birds with one stone. Lee could be treated to a number of teams maybe possibly in a sign-and-trade to get a player that fills out our roster. One example is Andre Iguodala, another would be Ryan Anderson. A trade of Lee with a team with a pick in the middle of the first round could allow us to pick Kelley Olynik. 3 ways team trades could allow this to happen.

    1. Starting lineup Steph, Iggy, Harrison, Ryan Anderson, Andrew. Next 5 in, Jack, Klay, Brandon, Carl, Andris or Festus when healthy again. Jefferson and Lee traded for Iggy n Ryan. Might be the best case scenario and a pipe dream but wow splash! Olynik is a guy that would be great for the team too... And he might just be the next Dirk.

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