Saturday, December 1, 2012

BogusGate in Golden State

By Justin Taylor

The Warriors had the longest five days between games ever this week.  The glow of Harrison Barnes dunk over Mount Pekovic and the team taking over first place in the Pacific Division at the expense of the #LOLakers and #FlopCity didn’t even last half of that time.  You would think the two biggest highlights of the last five years could bridge the five day gap between games.  Since we’re talking about the Golden State Warriors and the misguided PR machine that goes with it all we get is turmoil.  One key difference this year is that the team on the floor can cover for the mistakes in the control tower by coming out and getting a huge win in spite of the refs best efforts to screw them.

There are nothing but good vibes at Oracle Arena right now but that doesn’t mean the issues in downtown Oakland don’t need to be addressed by the fans.  Some will say that I should just enjoy our recent successes and believe me I will but I refuse to allow a winning streak be the the wool covering my eyes.  The news that Andrew Bogut will be out indefinitely because his “clean out” procedure in April was actually a “clean house” microfracture ankle surgery.  The brass and Bogut held the company line for seven months until the team kept calling the procedure minor while raising expectations for the center’s return.  He got pissed that they were raising hopes among fans so he called bullshit and set everyone straight.  Had they just told the truth from the beginning or just laid off on the timelines and bold statements they probably wouldn’t be cleaning egg off their faces right now.  If the cover up is always worse then the crime, shouldn’t rule number one be don’t cover it up if it isn’t a crime?

The buck for BogusGate stops here

I wonder whose idea it was to make us angry three times a week with the abbreviated setback announcements as opposed to just saying it would be 2013 at the earliest, which was more realistic anyways.  In doing that there would have been a chance that things get ahead of schedule and we could be pleasantly surprised for once.  I guess that would just make too much sense.  Instead they ended up alienating the entire fan base and their most important player on multiple fronts for no good reason.  Anybody who watched the first four games and has at least one half decent eye could see that Bogut’s ankle was not even 80%.  If I was thinking they were treating us like a bunch of assholes before I knew they were lying I’m not sure what we’re supposed to feel now.

Countless instances like this that have created a massive amount of distrust towards any team issued statement or press release over the years.  I look at any good news they put out as a diversion from what is really going on and any bad news as just a sugar coated version of the truth.  If the Warriors front office wasn’t so hell bent on making sure that every single piece of press be positive it would probably make many of their jobs much easier.  It isn’t just losing games that inspire twitter accounts like @WorseThan_Cohan and the corresponding Joe Lacob Sucks blog.  If the team is all about spinning EVERYTHING that happens in a positive direction these sites are dedicated to reversing that spin even if it goes so far the other way it’s more of a parody than anything else.  One thing I know for certain is that there would be no Trapped in Golden State if fans weren’t treated like ignorant third graders who can’t handle the truth. 

The problem is not Andrew Bogut's injury, the problem is managements handling of it

After years of suffering it’s safe to say Warriors fans have pretty thick skin and are going to keep packing the arena every night regardless of what is contained in the latest press release or marketing campaign.  When are they going to learn that isn’t the lipstick they’re putting on the pig that’s selling the place out?  Then again, they’d rather sell out their luxury suites then fill up Club 200 with real fans so I guess that pretty much explains everything.  Please correct me if you saw a commercial proclaiming It’s a Great Time Out or maybe the one that promised Big Things Are Coming and decided you needed to run out and buy tickets.

In the end, the BogusGate isn’t about ankles, doctors and therapists like it should be.  It has more to do with the team’s higher ups carrying on the legacy that was left behind by Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell.  Seeing GM Bob Myers step up and take full responsibility for the stupidity was nice and all but the damage has already been done.  Unfortunately, we may see them play this game again because it is hard for them to learn their lesson when us fans continue showing up night after night.  It’s even more unfortunate that some of the players in this fiasco who deserve a slap on the wrist at the very least will end up with a pat on the back.  One day, hopefully, these people will realize that our love of the game and loyalty to the team has absolutely nothing to do with the marketing campaigns, the music blaring DURING the games or the lies that uninformed people think we want to hear!