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Top ten Warriors of the last ten years

Fellow Bay Area Blogger and friend of Trapped in Golden State Elijah Abramson from BasesAndBaskets.com has agreed to be an occasional contributor to this site. He is an established writer whose work is also featured on the Warriors page at bleacherreport.com where today's article is also published.  We want to thank Elijah for being a Trapped in Golden State reader and contributor!


Top ten Warriors of the last ten years

By Elijah Abramson

Warriors fans don’t need to be reminded of their sparing success since the new millennium.

Aside from the “We Believe” year in 2007 where the eighth-seeded Warriors beat the top-seeded Dallas Mavericks, there have been numerous miserable seasons as few as 17 wins to complement six seasons of less than 30 wins. But, as players legacies are often defined by playoff success, half of this list is composed of members from the We Believe team.

B/R featured columnist Dave Leonardis ranks the Warriors as the fourth-best fan base in basketball in between perennial contenders like the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks.

Here is a list of the top-10 players to hit the court at Oracle Arena since 2000.

Note: Statistics include entire years when players also played for teams other than the Warriors (ie Monta Ellis playing for the Warriors and Bucks in 2011-12).

Honorable Mention

Erick Dampier • 12.3 PPG/12.0 RPG in 2003-04

Larry Hughes • 22.7 PPG/5.9 RPG/4.1 APG in 32 games for the Warriors in 2000

Gilbert Arenas • 15.6 PPG/4.0 RPG/5.3 APG in two seasons as a Warrior

Jamal Crawford • 19.7 PPG/3.3 RPG/4.4 APG in 2008-09

Dorell Wright • 16.4 PPG/5.3 RPG/3.0 APG in 2010-11, started all 82 games

10. Troy Murphy

Years: 6
Points per game: 11.2
Rebounds per game: 8.0
Assists per game: 1.3

Troy Murphy was never a particularly glamorous player but he got the job done. It always seemed like when the Warriors were in need of a three pointer to stop the bleeding , either Murphy or Mike Dunleavy was there to at least temporarily quell the onslaught.

Sadly, Murphy left in the middle of the 2007 season and was a member of the Indiana Pacers when the Warriors defeated the Mavericks in the playoffs.

9. Al Harrington

Years: 3
Points per game: 16.6
Rebounds per game: 6.0
Assists per game: 1.7

Al Harrington is one of those in-between players that created excellent mismatches. Harrington was kind of a hybrid like Dirk Nowitzki and Lamar Odom, possessing the ability to succeed at the power forward position and occasionally the small forward if necessary.

A pivotal part of the 2007 team that made a playoff run for the first time since 1975, Harrington was a fan favorite who was known for draining three pointers.

8. Corey Maggette

Years: 2
Points per game: 19.3
Rebounds per game: 5.4
Assists per game: 2.2

Although Maggette was not a Warrior for as long as Al Harrington or Troy Murphy, he did make the most of his time in Golden State. Coming off a season averaging 22 points per game with the Clippers, the Warriors were excited to get the former Duke star.

Even though he started only 19 of his 51 games played in 2008-09, Maggette managed to still average 18.6 points per game—adding a much needed spark of offensive production.

7. Stephen Curry

Years: 3
Points per game: 17.5
Rebounds per game: 4.1
Assists per game: 5.8

Although hopefully his best years are ahead of him, Stephen Curry has already put together a couple of solid years as a Warrior. From earning All-Rookie first team honors to nearly grabbing a quadruple-double on April 7, 2010 with 27 points, 14 assists, eight rebounds and seven steals, Curry gave the Warriors hope that their rebuilding effort was not futile.

Coming off an injury-shortened season, Curry will look to rebound and make his way up this list.

6. David Lee

Years: 2
Points per game: 18.1
Rebounds per game: 9.7
Assists per game: 3.0

Last season David Lee had nothing short of a spectacular season.

Even though he didn’t make the All-Star team, Lee put up the season worthy of such honors. 20 points and nearly 10 rebounds per game went largely unnoticed in a season that the Warriors ended up tanking in the hopes of getting a high draft pick.

His performance during the previous season (his first as a Warrior) wasn’t unimpressive, either. Lee’s 17 points and 10 rebounds per game were quite comparable to the following season.

The Warriors will definitely be more than happy if Lee can continue this type of production in 2012 and he may, like Curry, make his way up lists of top players to don the blue and gold.

5. Stephen Jackson

Years: 3+
Points per game: 19.2
Rebounds per game: 4.3
Assists per game: 4.4

It’s too bad that Stephen Jackson’s name will be forever attached to the Malice at the Palace because he was (and is) an excellent player.

But, I do believe it wasn’t in the Warriors best interest for Jackson to make a return to Golden State in the Monta Ellis trade—thankfully he ended up being traded nearly immediately (for Richard Jefferson).

That’s certainly not to say he didn’t make a significant contribution to the Warriors—especially in the “We Believe” run. His 33-point show in Game 6 clinched the series against the Mavs for the Dubs.

In the words of teammate Baron Davis: “He is the heart and soul of this team. He is a big-game performer.”

Enough said.

4. Jason Richardson

Years: 6
Points per game: 18.3
Rebounds per game: 5.4
Assists per game: 3.2

Let’s be real, you don’t remember J-Rich for his on-court performances. Well maybe aside from his nasty jams in those five-on-five opportunities, Richardson is famous for his incredible dunk contest shows.

If you need to be refreshed on how—with Vince Carter, of course—Richardson made the dunk contest relevant to the NBA again, look no further than this video.

His consistent effort in the regular season was hidden behind that between-the-legs reverse dunk.

3. Baron Davis

Years: 3+
Points per game: 20.0
Rebounds per game: 4.4
Assists per game: 8.1

Baron Davis was the Monta Ellis before Monta Ellis.

He would take shot after shot in transition but more often than not you had to keep your mouth shut because it went in.

Davis was another critical cog in the wheels that led the Warriors to their first playoff appearance in more than three decades.

If you get nothing else out of this list, check out the video. This dunk over Andrei Kirilenko never fails to give you chills, nostalgia and an uncanny desire to high-five the nearest Warrior fan.

2. Antawn Jamison

Years: 5
Points per game: 20.2
Rebounds per game: 7.5
Assists per game: 1.8

In the 2000-01 season, Antawn Jamison had his best season in Golden State, averaging 25 points and 8.7 rebounds per game. He played in all 82 regular season games for the Warriors from 2001 to 2003 and led the team in scoring each of those years.

Before being traded to Dallas, Jamison scored over 50 points per game on two separate occasions and provided something for Warriors fans to cheer for in years when they won as few as 17 games and never reached a .500 record.

1. Monta Ellis

Years: 7
Points per game: 19.5
Rebounds per game: 3.7
Assists per game: 4.5

Love him or hate him, there is no disputing his place atop this list.

Monta was a blur heading to the rim and a well above average, if not elite, scorer. He played some high-risk defense that often led to easy baskets for opposing offenses rather than transition baskets for the Warriors but Monta was the undeniable heart and soul for the Warriors from the conclusion of the 2007 season until being traded to the Bucks last season.

The peak of his time as a Warrior was back-to-back seasons as a 24 PPG scorer in 2009-10 and the following season.

Logging unparalleled 48-minute games across his tenure (which occasionally led to injuries), Monta was a warrior among Warriors.


  1. Thanks Elijah for your time spent here for our reading benefit & our understanding of why we are constantly in misery here in the east bay. I had just written this article for another location & although is not exactly what this column is about I post this for your thoughts on our Luxury Cap issues,response on our immediate future of our franchise & what realistic ways GS can go in making a common sense move now being contemplated. It begins responding to another writers idea that we are still in need of a legit 4 or a 5, I don't disagree on this issue but LOL what kind of 4 or 5 can you get for free? I know, they're standing at every street corner. Anyway here goes. Thanks for your input:
    Lets say we sign Rush, what are our possibilities of being able to sign a cheap 4 or throw away 5 afterwards? I'm not for extending over the luxury tax cap due to my reasoning that I'm looking to better GS not have pipe dreams of mixing it up yet with the elite so soon. Anyone with common sense( not many of them around) & has followed basketball for any time should realize we're not ready for big games in the latter days of the playoffs. I feel if we get Rush this may be the last straw we can afford before going over the figure of no return. If you go over the cap to better the team it better be for a long term deal which will substantially improve this team for many seasons. Past results from many shows me that this thinking makes sense. I only ask that Lacob & co. don't mortgage our future, which actually looks quite improved, to again basically take the 8th seed in the playoffs. We could have done this last season. Lets grind it out for a few years of gradual positive improvement rather than settle for the "pop gun" effect over some short term shot in the dark useless move costing us "X" millions to advance us to the 6th position. What for? Again only to be on the couch in 4 games? Shoot for the stars as others have by building from their youth & resign true value from the pool of players we now possess(could be worse) rather than try to latch on to another high dollar F.A. player as we did Lee for $65 mil. No issues with having Lee, just overpaid for his services(when we signed him) but I must also say with today's standards of pay shows Lee's contract now isn't so bad due to these exorbitant sums of cash dished out for mediocre talent signed recently. This just hold above the water line theory has been GS's answer for progress for basically the past ten years & where has this thinking gotten us? Again Rome wasn't built in a day but the Thunder did it in around 3 years & our draft we just finished with shows the possibility of 3 true keepers. Legit pieces to the puzzle. Let's head in this direction rather than sink some dough into a patch for a tire which wont be race ready anytime soon. Even if you attempted to make it race car ready for this upcoming season we're not ready to be elite yet! So lets grow in a realistic way rather than the steroided attempts to vault to the ceiling in one season. Truthfully we're hardly ready to collect the elite's towels in their locker room as I see it. Firing a rocket to land on Pluto in one season isn't my answer to success. I have waited for more than a year or 2 & even though I'm excited to spit on Laker fan as I actually did in my youth I want to at least spit on others for a lengthier amt. of time as Celtic fans do. I idolize their teams play of true enjoyment and have for as long as I've watched the game. My yearly act has basically haul the spittoon around to protect me from every other fan basically who watches the game of basketball. GS has been the septic service of the NBA for ages. Lets sell these crappy ideas of our yesteryears for something clean & polished. The smell has been foul in Oakland for years. Clean up the foul smell by educated thinking. S

    1. I thought because of Rush's Bird rights status his contract will not count against the cap? That's why GSW is willing to wait on other teams to make him an offer because they can match anyway without going over. If that's the case, they still have whatever of the MLE is left. That's why they are still pursuing Landry and Kirilenko. Can someone clarify this?

    2. It counts against the cap Dax. It's just that his RFA status allows us to go over the cap for him. So if we use the MLE for other guys to go well over we can still sign him. I think the only concern at this point is the tax line, we will be over the cap either way but Lacob wants to avoid the dollar+ for dollar tax.

      I'm no capologist but that is my understanding...not sure if I even answered your question though...lol

    3. Thanks for the read and glad you enjoyed it, S. As a Bay Area native, I do appreciate first-hand how difficult it is to be a Warriors fan. It was the same way with the Giants until they finally pulled it together in 2010. I'm also hoping the Raiders can finally pull it together and return to the glory days of the early 00s.

    4. Elijah A fails to represent the east bay A's? Oh that brings tears to my eyes. Oh well. S... I did respond to your post on my blog... ty. About the tax, there seem to be many different readings on what the luxury tax limit actually is, not the cap, which we are over already. I say go over the luxury tax and pay it Mr. Lacob! You have represented that you have the money to do so, and so doing you surround already good players with decent bench players who could help secure a playoff regardless of injury! Is it not time to do so?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Haha sorry Shawn. As a matter of fact I grew up on the other side of the bay and went against my family's choice of 49ers over Raiders (you can imagine the grief I was getting after the Niners run last year...)

  2. I can see being put behind Boston or Chicago Dave, but Dallas? I don't buy that. Face it, you put these 3 above GS due to their storied history & great players they've had in the past! This doesn't mean they're fans!!!! Misery shows faith!! Only the loyal stay during the bad days as the fans here!! The reason we're not rated #1 over anyone is our teams past performance hanging over our heads. Wonder what would the attendance be at those same competitors arena's if they played the way GS did for the past 30+ years? LOL. EMPTY!!!!! Agreed, we're stupidest fans in the league! Yet we're true loyal fans & stand at their side in misery unlike the other teams. Why? Proof? You don't see W's fans going to NBA.com for a Mavericks jacket when Dallas reaches the elite straight # as the rest of these other "blue bellied" looses do! Someday soon the Arena will come alive from the reality of 3 game winning streak's & a record of maybe 52-30(someday I pray). Misery? Carry a empty beer cup back to the P.L. after being down by 18 with 1:20 left in the 4th. 3rd game in a row on a 3 game home swing. Another 3 shitty game viewed. LOL. Our new success will raise the volume! Plus the fact that Dallas has Cuban? He still thinks that his cash can buy himself a uniform & sit on the end of the bench( & could). If he wants to play just have the front office draw up a contract & put the figure to go against the Dallas cap as $1.00. Lacob has taken abusive criticism from most but was not at the helm when this misery started. He only attempts to put us out of our misery we've been locked up in for our lifetimes as J.T & I here. Understand "so called" fans. Loyalty usually is based on performance. We have none in the "Performance " category, plenty on the "Loyalty" side. So why do we stay on for the misery Dave? Because we're true loyal GS fans!! No other reason! Again obviously we have little brains. To be a GS fan you have to have these 2 characteristics: the ability to forget & forgive. We have these qualities here. Now & later. Our better days are in front of us now. S

    1. I agree...It's funny that people somehow make it a knock on us that we're willing to show up year after year for this perennial loser. It's because we're loyal, we love basketball, we love our hometown team and we realize that all of the suffering will make us appreciate the day that we win that much more. I don't recall the arena in Dallas being packed when Roy Tarpley was getting high on their dime or even when JKidd, Jamal Mashburn and Jimmy Jackson were the "next big things"

      Like you said, Boston? OK...even if that is too easy with all those banners hanging...Chicago? OK, but same thing, everybody is on board when you're hanging banners...were they there when Reggie Theus and Artis Gilmore were being coached by Jerry Sloan? The answer is no. Chicago Stadium was number 21 out of 23 teams in terms of attendance the year before His Airness showed up.

      I'm such a homer, I just bumped us to number 1!...lol

    2. I would also put GSW fans #1 or #2, Justin. I was just using the linked article to show a different source considering having the author of a GSW article say the GSW fans are the best isn't the most objective thing to do.

    3. Glad you know...That's why it's nice to have you as a contributor to the site...objective is a nice change of pace and a good contrast to the standard Trapped articles which we'll just call opinionated...lol

    4. Thanks Elijah for the input. How can you base loyalty when each season you have positive results? Being a great fan is like a shaky marriage. One thing you have to remember to be a loyal fan: it's no different than marriage, take your vows for allegiance & always remember this line you committed to "for better or worse". We're still looking for the better here at GS. We're also aware of what the "worse "part is about. Headed over to the above mentioned sites am. tomorrow. See ya over there. Thanks for the input & hope to see ya back here soon. S

    5. No problem, S. The Celtics haven't had success each season. Before the Big Three came around they were a cellar team like the W's. Paul Pierce is one of the most loyal basketball players I've ever watched and it's particularly amazing considering he hails from LA. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Boston fans in general (partially because I'm coming from a family of them). While it may be a less tested loyalty than the W's it is a loyalty nonetheless.

    6. And yes, S, glad to hear you'll head over to basesandbaskets.com! I appreciate dedicated readers like yourself and even though my topics are more broad than Justin's hopefully you will find them informative/interesting/well-written.

    7. I have'nt read any replies to you, S. I don't want to. I don't expect my viewpoint to be there. It won't.

      SO... The San Fransisco Bay Area is the 4th largest market for sports in the Nation. 1. NY. 2. LA. 3. Chicago 4. We are. Golden State Warriors fans should take pride in this. I don't care about Miami. They are not nearly as big a market as we are... 6 million in the bay area or damn near that. Miami sure as hell doesn't have that. Who else is #4 above us? Sure as hell not Boston. They just happen to have some history on their side. We have 1 NBA team. That is why the bay area can fill the stadium. What that means to me is that the Warriors Brass had better figure out how to use this fan income and love to make it happen. I've had enough of hearing how we fill the stands! Yea we do it for the Giants and the A's to a lesser extent. We do it for the Niners and even the Raiders sold out every game last year. The Warriors are a very LARGE market NBA team. It is time for the ownership to act like it. Ok if I am wrong, tell me who is #4 in the NBA for the market above the Dubs? Lets OWN THIS NOW. Its on ownership and they are doing a good job so far... lets see some wins... Going over the tax would be a step.

    8. after reading the replies... I took a different take... Think about my take. Are we better fans? I don't know. Are there more of us? Yeah I think so. The ownership bought this team for a record 450 mil for a reason. Moving to SF is part of that. Regardless of SF, the bay area shows up for Warriors games. Ticket prices are going to go up and we will still show. We love the NBA in the Bay Area and the Warriors are the only show in town. Especially if we continue to be lucky in that the Kings are second fiddle to us in respectability, which doesn't seem to be a stretch right now. LOL.

    9. According to Wikipiedia (ok f* me for using this) the SF Bay area has over 7 million people, Toronto's greater metro area has 6+mil (and we know they are hockey fans) and Detriot's metro area counting the 3 counties around it only has less than 4 mil. Who is left? No one. The SF Bay Area is the 4th largest Metropolitan area in the US/Canada. Stop complaining Mr. Lacob, and spend some money.

    10. Damn, Dallas seems to be about as large as we are lol. F Dallas.

    11. Welcome back SKF!

      As far as the best fans, I'd say that the population is a big factor but the only building that is selling out with a shitty team year in year out is Madison Square Garden. My thoughts are based on quality fans. Using this website as an analogy: There are almost 25000 hits to the site now and over 500 followers on Facebook which is great. But having people who truly enjoy the content and care enough to weigh in with well thought out responses (like you, S, JR and Dax) is way more important then any numbers are going to reflect. Even if the Dubs weren't selling major tickets the amount of people who really care is the important thing. In Sac as soon as the team goes south so does the interest...The level of interest from Warrior fans during the offseason after a shitty year is impressive to me.

      And for the luxury tax...If we were going to be contenting for more then a lower playoff spot this season I'd be right there with you. Im just willing to give Lacob a break on that argument for now because we'll need the youngsters to develop or make one more big move before he'll get the proper return on that investment. As much as I'd like to see Landry in the fold I can't blame him for not wanting to pay time and a half for him, it's not like he's the piece to put us over the top. He did say if there was a true game changer out there he'd be willing to pay the tax but until the right pieces in place and available we're probably better off keeping some semblance of flexibility.

      The moves we've been making are making me give Dub's management the benefit of the doubt for the first time almost ever...lol

  3. No question, Monta will be missed. And remembered for great moments as many on this list. Unfortunately none listed will be associated with a GS trophy. Many listed but no gold. He will go down as having true viewing enjoyment value in my books. He was born in the wrong era as many others. Could you imagine him involved when Nelson ran the "Run TMC" scheme? LOL. Need to re-varnish the hardwoods with that 4. Yes these boys didn't win it all but showed true offensive flashes of brilliance. Great viewing, but trophy value? These type of performances do one thing well. Get you on prime time T.V. Who cares about the outcome, how many viewed? San Antonio on Sun matinee? Soon as they aged they fell of the map. Bet on the glamor boys to show. When was the last time GS was featured on Sun afternoon? Get out the encyclopedia's for that answer. They will be featured on Sun. in the near future hopefully. I have faith. S

    1. We might have averaged 135 a game instead of 120 if Monta was the 6th man...lol...Im rooting for him to leave Milwaukee and find a place where he can be the third option or the 6th man on a championship contender after this year. He'll have to change his mindset a bit but if he does he'll be a huge difference maker for a true contender.

    2. Yes, JT. Monta could accept a 6th man role for the Thunder. No one would stop them. lol. Westbrook at 1, Ellis at 2. Who you gonna guard? Nice!

    3. Imagine if he were in Boston this year...I think they might have beat the heat...Or in LA (as much as I would HATE that) I think they might beat the Thunder. San Antonio? same thing. He could be a game changer off the bench for any of those teams...especially a team that needs more offense than defense. I do think he won't be able to get that 6th man mindset till after he signs that next contract though. He'll want to be paid based on 40 minutes a night next year when his contract comes up...once he does make that switch though I see a 6th man of the year in his future.

  4. That would be the absolute perfect fit for Monta. He has true value to the team lacking in the categories he excels in. His style isn't one to build a team around but has great team value with the skills he possesses. A true spark plug to change up the scenery during the game, priceless stuff for the team looking for his skills. His kind remind me of Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz. All they ever needed to do was literally click their heels together 3 times to be elite yet never complete the show. Again desire to be elite comes from elite thinking & the actions which follow. By the way, who is coaching our kids with our D league Wizards? Pete Meyers hopefully. Did wonders with the kids this summer & would be a great baby sitter for the fall. S

    1. Not sure but I know we'll be seeing Myers in Oakland. I think he's already coaching the D league team in Reno but I'd like Mussleman as our JV coach.

  5. Just no changes as to the way we played in the summer league. If we play the game as these kids did recently we're going somewhere soon. Fortunately it appears that we may rise rather than fall. May take a while to get the train moving but by the 1st 1/3 of the season we should get a clue on whats in store for the remainder. As I stated I just want us to attempt to play the game correctly. Losing is not the main issue! Playing the game correctly to understand how to compete for the crown when we are capable is! S

  6. Too bad the summer league is just summer league lol. And only Barnes and maybe Ezeli will get significant minutes barring injury. If only our 2 best players (Curry and Lee) were good defenders. Hopefully GSW can learn to play good team defense because individually they don't have many lock down guys.

    1. For sure...Jackson and Malone have their work cut out for them this year because as long as they have a full NBA caliber roster there will be no more mulligans...

  7. my new post http://shawnkfrazier.com/?p=324

  8. I saw this same post on B/R. I liked the rankings except I would arrange it like this:

    5 Jamison
    4 S-Jax
    3 Baron
    2 J-Rich
    1 Monta

    1. Thanks for checking out my writing on B/R - I did in fact post it there first!

  9. Anyone take a look at the season schedule yet? They play some tough teams in the first month! Just curious what games everyone is marking on their calendars? I'm curious to see the Rockets team with Lin, and how they match up with teams like Phoenix and Minnesota. Then there's the Lakers games that I love watching since I'm a fan of LA as well (let the shit talking begin lol) Then of course there's the return of Monta with Milwaukee

    1. I did...I'll be posting a quick rundown article this weekend with home games I'm looking forward to...Bucks, Rockets, Lakers for sure....

      And about the Lakers I'm not mad at you, I'm just disappointed...

    2. Cool cant wait to read the next article. Lol sorry for disappointing you but I've been a Laker fan since I was a kid. Magic is my favorite player of all time and the reason I love the game now. I was watching the Lakers before I started watching the Warriors but of course growing up in the bay they quickly became my team too. I'm a loyal fan of both and I hope one day they can play meaningful games against each other in the playoffs!

    3. I've always been a part of the Beat LA crowd but I have to admit it was impossible to hate Magic...My dad is a closet Laker fan so I always went for them over Boston. Then Kobe came into the picture and I became my own man and he's just made it so easy to hate....lol...When the Warriors finally put it together this rivalry is going to blow up for the first time ever really...Unfortunately it's pretty much been a rivalry between the hammer and the nail throughout my lifetime.

  10. As you know from my articles Dax you must know how much I hate the Lakers. But if you read my articles you also realize that I have true respect for true loyal fans regardless of who as long as the person stands by their vows of allegiance to that franchise without change. Anyone who would admit to possibility of being a Lakers fan here takes absolute courage as I see it. Truthfully I actually have respect for you due to the fact you admit your loyalty. Should be complimented as I see it. Fit in well with me Dax.

    1. Same here, I have a problem with Laker fans who come and go with the banners but I have some good friends that have the same Lakers/Warriors loyalties. It's actually funny to go to the Lakers match ups with them every year because they find themselves cheering for every basket on both sides...I'll never know what that's like unless the Warriors play team USA someday...

    2. Oh I've read how much you guys hate the Lakers lol but i'm a true fan so i'm willing to take any heat that comes my way. I'm with you guys as far as fair weather fans of the Lakers go. And there sure are a bunch of them. But other teams have them as well. I know a guy who was a Kings fan during the Webber/Bibby 50+ wins a season days, but as soon as they fell off so did he. The "We Believe" Warriors come along and all of a sudden he's the biggest Warrior fan there is. And I know a lot of those "We Believe" Warriors fans who jumped ship and are now on the Miami Heat. I hate that! I've been through the ups and downs with both LA and GSW. The post-Magic Lakers before Shaq and Kobe arrived weren't very good but I supported the Anthony Peeler's, Sedale Threatt's, and Elden Campbells of the world lol.

      Justin, i'm like your friends when the Lakers play the Warriors. Every good play is applauded. It's conflicting but always makes for an entertaining game lol. I'm not gonna try to convince you guys to join the dark side of the force lol but you have to admit this...isn't it great to have a former Laker like Jerry West on the Warriors? He's been part of one of the most successful franchises in sports history as a player and an executive. Having his knowledge and experience is invaluable and can only help the Warriors attain that type of status.

      Thanks guys for respecting my allegiance to a team you despise. Hey, at least I don't like both the 49ers and Raiders, or Giants and A's right? I'm actually not a fan of the Niners or the Raiders. Well, I'll kinda root for the Raiders but I absolutely despise the 49ers! I'm a Tennessee Titans fan and here in the bay I get that confused look from people whenever I tell them. I grew up a fan of Warren Moon and the run and shoot offense of the Houston Oilers and have followed them even when they made the move to Tennessee...loyalty.

      Thank you Justin for giving us these articles and allowing us to voice our opinions on a team we are all passionate about.

    3. There were definitely alot of pink hat fans after 2007, guess you've got to take the good with the bad...At some point before the season I'll be hitting that topic and giving people due warning to jump on the bandwagon while it's idle before the season or be considered a bandwagon fan for jumping on late when we're winning...

      Thanks for hitting the point of the site Dax...The articles are meant give alternative views so others can feel free to post their own. It really bothers me on some other sites where fans get ripped for having an opinion. If I think you're off base I'll tell you but it's all part of the conversation, not a competition of who knows more. At the end of the day we're all just basketball lovers that are tied together by our ridiculous loyalty to the Warriors. Hopefully the conversation continues to grow as I continue to post opinions that many have but don't get anywhere else.

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