Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Good Draft Review and the Bad Free Agency Preview

By Justin Taylor

The last few months provided us with a competition to bottom out, a nerve racking coin flip and our annual Golden State Superbowl (the lottery).  Knowing we had all four draft picks since May 30th gave media members, bloggers and fans an entire month for speculating, mock drafting and fake trading.  I spent most of my time over the last 30 days making fun of the process and all the pundits trying to sound smarter and more important than the next.  

The Draft

This is a good looking draft class

There was so much at stake, so many possible scenarios and so many ways to screw it up.  My years of being a tortured Warriors fan were taking over my nerves even though there is nothing more comforting then knowing that the Logo, Jerry West, is the loudest voice in the war room.  It’s kind of like someone who is quitting smoking or trying to break any bad habit.  One minute you’re going to kick the addictions ass and the next you’re making excuses and talking yourself out of the whole thing.  Just when the draft was over and I had talked myself of the ledge, free agency started and I’m sweating bullets again!  Lets look at the good news first.

7th pick overall Harrison Barnes / 6-8” Small Forward / North Carolina

Anyone who read my columns leading up to the draft probably thought I’d hate this pick.  My problems with Barnes at UNC mirrored my problems with Warriors management this season.  It wasn’t what happened on the court but what was said off of it.  An 18 year old kid should never be talking about his “brand” but he literally cited that as a motivating factor in choosing North Carolina and in returning for his sophomore season (instead of being a top 5 pick).  Barnes and our management group should be forced take a “Reading the Room 101 course” the way my company sends me to take sexual harassment training every two years.  Barnes had some unreasonably high expectations in college but he didn’t help himself when he spoke as if he had met them; even worse, that was after he shit the bed in the NCAA tournament.

After everything I’ve said I still love the pick.  He had more skills, potential and value then anyone left on the board at our pick.  The only players who were better long term fits were Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist who went one and two overall.  I don’t think he’ll ever be an all star but he should be a solid starter for years to come.  If you want comparisons I’d say Dorrell Wright is the drought level low water mark while Paul Pierce would be an apex to strive for.  Averaging those two out I’ll project him as a more skilled Rashard Lewis (I think he made one all star team) before he got overpaid and died.

30th pick overall / Festus Ezeli / 6-11” Center / Vanderbilt

He was the best available and had the most potential at a position with a long term need at number 30.  That rarely happens that low even in a deep draft.  He may not make an instant impact but Andris Biedrins should be a third stringer by the time this article is published and I think he’s already better than Andre Drummond.  When I saw this guy play I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and when I saw Drummond’s games it was hard to find him.

35th pick overall / Draymond Green / 6-7” Power Forward / Michigan

Make it three for three with Green, a natural basketball player (or linebacker) who’s an undersized power forward but was a first round talent in my mind.  After four years of seasoning under Tom Izzo (with his emphasis on defense and rebounding) he will probably take Chris Wright’s roster spot right off the bat. 

52nd pick overall / Ognjen Kuzmic / 7-0” Center / Bosnia

Missing: Has anyone seen this young man? Didn't think so

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know anything about this guy.  It was funny to watch the ESPN crew try to speak about this pick.  All they did was take someone who would be easy to stash overseas (and Spain’s B League is great place to do it).  Sometime soon I expect the NBA TV ticker (because it won’t make ESPN’s Bottom Line) to read: The Golden State Warriors trade Dorrell Wright (or Biedrins or Jefferson if we’re lucky) and the draft rights to the unknown overgrown Bosnian kid to (insert team here) for about as close to nothing as you can possibly get.

Free Agency

I hate relying on rookies, who are going to be inconsistent by nature, but that’s why we can’t stop yet.  Free Agency has started and we need a slashing guard and a big forward/center to come here on his own free will.  Joe Lacob has already cut Bob Myers off at the knees by saying he can’t even spend the entire mid-level exception (approx. $5 million) but I’m going to throw some names out there anyway.


Brandon Roy:  All I know is that Myers needs to convince Lacob that this opportunity is worth paying for.  He needs to find a way to take out the trash (Dorrell Wright, Andris Biedrins and/or Richard Jefferson) and make us serious players for Roy.  He may not be an all star anymore but he has superior basketball IQ, can play three positions and is still only 27 years old; his knees may be closer to 35 but he did make a trip to Kobe’s doctor in Germany. 

Jason Kidd: I’ve been calling out for months to bring the Kidd home to the Bay before he retires but he personally stomped out any talk of that on 95.7 The GAME on Tuesday.

Raymond Felton: Considering I’ve spent the last couple of months cracking Krispy Kreme jokes at his expense it would serve me right to have Felton in the mix next season.  The fact is that he is a true veteran point guard that will probably fall into our price range once all the top free agents have gone elsewhere.

Andre Miller: His crafty body control game that allows him to operate in the lane is exactly what we need but now it’s off the table.  There was no better fit for the roster on the market and we weren’t even in the conversation.  What’s worse, he resigned with Denver for $3 million a year?  For that price he could have gone damn near anywhere (including here) and I have to admit I’m a little bitter about it.


Could Kwame Brown really our best free agent option at forward/center?

Dominic McGuire: We all know what he brings to the table and that we have a logjam of Small Forwards but I still think he is the most important piece that needs to be brought back.  I actually think that with the addition of Barnes it's McGuire who is more important to this roster over Brandon Rush.

Jordan Hill: After looking like a bust for a few years he started looking like much less of a bust with the Lakers last season.  Then he choked a family member somewhere in Texas and it makes no difference to me.  What’s the risk to us?  You know damn well he’ll pay off the relative and what are the chances he pulls a Sprewell on Mark Jackson?  He’d be a solid back up four and he’s still developing so there’s a chance he outplays his contract because we’ll only be in the running for his services if he comes cheap.

JJ Hickson: Since three or four teams have already given up on him I’m assuming he should be affordable.  He must be an undercover knucklehead or something no?  He’s young, versatile and cheap.  That hits the Bob Myers trifecta for potential signees.  I expect to see him under contract soon unless he signs with the Bobcats first.

Kris Humphries:  Over the course of 12 months I went from “I could care less about this guy,” to “I can’t stand this guy,” to “I think this guy would be a great fit in Oakland.”  The problem for us is that we basically have nothing to offer; no money and no starters minutes.  Unpopular Opinion Alert: We’d be better off financially, defensively and on the glass if we could somehow trade David Lee and sign him to a deal similar to the one he played on last year.

Reggie Evans: His rebounding and toughness would help but does he bring anything else to the table?  All I see is six of the hardest fouls anywhere and a guy who will make Andris Biedrins feel better about his free throw shooting.  We can do better for less.

Kenyon Martin: A second team that included him and Dominic McGuire would be great but if I could only have one it would be Big Dom by a mile.  Martin was never a great player but now he is a shell of his former self and the Clippers had no problem letting him walk.  That is enough for me to stay away.

Kwame Brown: I can’t believe I’m about to say this but here it goes…Kwame Brown is the best possible option for our frontcourt needs.  He brings the size, power and versatility needed to play power forward without being an undersized center.  He still has hands of stone but it’s his defense and rebounding that make him the right fit.  He’d have to be wiling to take a pay cut to fit his massive frame into our payroll so lets just hope the market puts him in our range.

For as well as the draft went we still haven’t guaranteed anything.  I’m hoping for the sake of the fans, the team and the Lacober Management Group that they haven’t put too many chips Pier 30/32 (and especially the Los Angeles Dodgers). The roster still has some glaring weaknesses and we were told (over and over) that winning would be priority number one.  We may have just found the limit of their commitment to that promise.  The unwillingness to pay any kind of luxury tax shows they don’t have total faith in this current roster (and I can't really blame them for that). The fact is that we didn’t ask for a new stadium and we surely didn’t ask to amnesty Charlie Bell or trade for Richard Jefferson, we asked for a contender.  It’s looking like it’s going to be a year of getting healthy and developing young guys while they sell us the same old dream of better days (or maybe I'm just falling off the wagon again). 


  1. Not sure why, but it's amazing. I think we're the only one's that think Kwame is maybe the best fit for the W's to change their losing ways.

    Most everyone else seems to say something along the lines of... "Kwame Brown, really, you're * kidding right dude?" lol

    Says here that Kwame Brown was the best center GS has had in many many years... for about 5-6 games anyway.

    1. I think I said that around this time last year...lol

      He's actually a little like Adonal Foyle just less foul prone and better rebounder...neither of them can catch the ball in traffic to save their lives...

    2. It was only a small sample & Adonal is going back a ways... But it seemed to me like Kwame is much, much tougher in terms of holding his ground vs. bigger C's & on deterring would be G's & Sf's from driving the lane.

    3. To me J.R. your common sense thinking on Brown is absolutely correct. Too bad more don't think in your direction. We may even win here more often.

    4. Kwame definitely dished out the hardest fouls last year...How many 3 point plays did we see cause other guys give wet noodle fouls? I'm surprised we're not hearing his name more...Antawn Jamison? Sheldon Williams? Maybe we can get his wife (Candice Parker) to come too if we get Williams...lol...

    5. If you don't gain respect in the paint you don't win! Teams who win yearly dominate close to the hoop on both ends of the court. You must have a enforcer at the hoop. Our possibilities have improved with this draft. Our youth signing early? I like what I see. We'll get a peek on the 13th.

  2. I would love to have Brown back but will he command more than 2-3 million a year? Im hearing they're taking a look at Jamison. Yeah he can score and he's a veteran, stand up guy but do we really need a tweener who doesn't play D? Let's hope we can somehow re-sign McGuire and trade either Wright, Biedrins, or Jefferson to free up a roster spot.

    1. I'd cut Chris Wright and sign McGuire LONG before bringing back the softest Warrior since Joe Smith...On the bench every guy is a better shooter, defender and rebounder...I'm starting the Anti Antawn campaign right here right now!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I would think about $4m-$5m for Brown and expect either Rush doesn't come back or D. Wright is traded to open up a bit of space.

      Nothing against Jamison, but they don't need another S.F. The good thing about him on a team like this is that he'd put up a ton of points w/ out having to run plays.

    4. I don't think we can even spend that much based on what Myers said this week.

      As for Jamison, he averaged 17 ppg on a crappy team that basically featured him last year...He won't come near that number on a decent team.

  3. Enjoyed the article, liked the Kwame Brown-Raymond Felton talk, for the record I would be happy with that coup! But then I got to the last paragraph where you went off on Lacob/Grubber, again. Really though? After all that we have been through with all of the bad owners in Warriors past, you mean to tell me that you still can't see a good one if it hit you in the face with a trade for a top 3 center!? Seriously though, let me help straighten this out for you...

    For starters, the problem with going over the cap isn't a financial one, our owners would willingly spend their cash to help put a winner on the court and compete for a championship. I know it is hard to fully understand the restrictions they put on the teams that go over the cap now, but they do take away the teams right to the mid-level exception, clearly hinder trades and make things near impossible for those teams to make improvements & roster changes. Going over the cap screws the team, it's not about the money, you need to understand that so we wont have to read about how these rich guys are hoarding their cash and not living up to their word B.S. Cause that's total crap!

    These guys have done nothing but frac'n deliver. Malone to assist Jackson, West to advice Meyers. Good trades that landed us Bogut and Rush as well quality draft picks. We have had 2 great drafts in a row and have set our sights on building the worlds most anticipated water front arena, which is only possible because our bad ass owners are willing to put up the cash for it. They have changed the fate of our team/franchise completely in less than two years.

    You think its luck we won the coin toss and that nobody bumped us from our spot at 7? More like Lacob and Grubber bought us some good will from the Commissioner by making the Warriors purchase the highest sale in the history of league and by being aggressive in this water front arena proposal. Look, If they could get Roy with out frac'n up our future, they would do it, it's a great match, a real no brainer, I mean what do you think? That they would spend a half billion dollars on an arena, straight up BUY draft picks and aggressively pursue every player they can, but refuse to pay a couple million in luxury tax if it meant giving our team a better shot at success? C'mon now, you and your readers are smarter than that.

    Do some research, look into the new rules governing the cap, I think you will find that going over the limit is not whats best for the team moving forward, just look at what the Knicks are up against right now. They are hand cuffed by the rules governing teams that go over the cap, not by the money they owe, but by the restrictions put on them for being over.

    I do realize that your site is called "Trapped" in Golden State lol, and that you, like the many, are still pissed off about the past, how could we not be, but you seem to be grossly under appreciative of the many gifts this new regime has bestowed upon us and overly critical of too many non consequential events. The season is months away, so then is the proof of our regimes merit thus far, like the arena, it is only in our minds eye now, but once this season is under way you may have to re-channel your long standing anger else where, and maybe even consider a new tittle for your site, because the Warriors are not leaving much to be upset about these days. No much at all...

    1. I appreciate the read and the EXCELLENT feedback here (and on all of your posts)...I think I've been pretty complimentary of the new ownership group outside of the ridiculous statements (and the Dodger connections) but realize I need to come just as strong on those positive points...total force of habit and I'm working on it...lol

      I was definitely pissed after seeing Miller sign for such a reasonable number then hearing Warriors and Jamison in the same sentence. When I say spend I don't want him to pay the luxury tax (unless we are true contenders which we are not yet) just to spend the legal limit to fill out the roster with McGuire (and now Andre Miller) type bargains.
      I think I was as outspoken as anyone in not trading for someone who would cripple that cap and I'm glad they didn't.

    2. Right or wrong, I think the fans that have a clue believe this thing is headed in the right direction. No doubt that's thanks in part to the new owner group but let's not forget it's the fans that've been providing the team w/ a steady stream of revenues to make it possible, win or lose. The owners' certainly haven't been cheapskates but spending is always an issue.

      W/ out looking at the #'s... The Lacob/Gruber group will likely be taking on a ton of risk with the new arena, but they also have a huge amount to gain. It's not like they're planning to build this thing for the sake of fan charity. What's more, it's a pretty darn good way to protect the (big) investment by keeping team Oracle from beating them to the punch. Some of us would much, much rather have the team stay in the East Bay but that's a moot point.

      As far as spending goes, even at the time the amnesty for Bell looked extremely nearsighted, but I'm not so sure anymore... Using the amnesty on Bell was actually a pretty smart PR move. Not many people thought Biedrins would turn things around but it was would've been ok to wait 1 more year while saving the amnesty just in case. Now there's an perfect excuse to not eat his $18m remaining contract. Using the amnesty on Biens this year would've given the W's an extra $5.4m of cap space that they'd "have" to spend this year.

      If we assume that's a major motivating factor for the Bell amnesty, most fans would look at that as a bad thing. For me, it just goes to show we have some pretty smart business people running the W's. And that's a good thing. I sure as heck wouldn't of been among the boo birds on Mullin night.

    3. So your saying they didn't amnesty him so they could spread out his payments and not have to spend an extra $5 mil to bring in another player to meet the minimum requirements? Might be the most logical reason outside of the company line of "we wanted to make the Chandler and Jordan offers..."

    4. It could be just that, but that was sort of an example/secondary point... The main point is that the new owner's are making decisions that are in their best interest as can be expected.

      If the W's were trying to go after another pricey C, and spending wasn't/isn't an issue... Wouldn't it make a lot more cents to just amnesty Biedrins instead of Bell?

      From what I read, the cap hit from Biedrins wouldn't totally go away but it gets spread out over 2x the # of years in the player contract + 1 year. In other words, a two year deal would get spread out over 5 years.

      So $9m x 2 yrs = $18m left on Biens --- $18m / 5 years = $3.6 cap hit per year ---- $9m - $3.6m = $5.4 extra cap space per year.

      Using the amnesty on Bell in part to not use it on Biens gives them a convenient excuse. It's just a hunch/guess on all that & really I'm not saying they're wrong either way... But they had to know it'd take a lot to lure Chandler from Dallas & others, and that the Clips were likely to match any offer for Jordan that wasn't completely ridiculous.

    5. The owner's do seem very intent on winning & that's good why I'd applaud them for anything they've done thus far... except for the amnesty thing. I wouldn't boo them on that though, it's their money.

    6. All I ask for this season is to see the W's play the game the way it should be. We're young & youthful mistakes will follow but we should be respectable with a little health luck. Starting this season with a much more optimistic outlook on our possibilities. I feel this team will start to show things sometime before the all star break next season. I have looked for mud to sling at ownership but see none to sling. Commendable job in the draft. Quite a improvement over recent past seasons.

  4. can we trade wright to the lakers for an exception? wrights an LA native and everyone knows its his contract year so he'd come off the books and he'd play great for another year. the lakeshow will the hemorrhaging money if they're over the cap limit so it makes sense for them to try and take expiring contracts, plus getting the benefit of a player who actually wants to be there.

    with wright gone we could give his cap space to rush, use the MLE on kwame, and scrounge up some space for mcguire.

    1. I think that's the idea by trading Wright... Or to use Wright's solid trade value to pair w/ Biens or jefferson in exchange for maybe a useful but overpaid/underachiever that's become redundant for a team at the PG or C spot.

      Identifying the player to trade for & getting the other team to bite is obviously easier said than done. Since free agency just started, it might take a while for the right offer.

    2. I think LA just used their trade exception along with draft picks to get Steve Nash. Maybe we can trade D. Wright to Phoenix for one of the 2nd rounders they got from LA? Or we can trade him and Jefferson or Biedrins to Philly for Elton Brand. He makes like $19 million but comes off the books next year. Only see that happening if Philly would want to give more PT to Lavoy Allen and Thaddeous Young.

    3. I didn't think you could package exceptions with players or picks? If that's the case Dorrell Wright shouldn't be so hard to move...Even Biedrins should look good with $3 mil. in cap relief, or better at least...

      No way trades an expiring that size (Brand) for either of those deals that are on the next years cap...I expect to have to ride their contracts out until at least next year when they are considered expiring deals...But if Myers and Lacober figure that one out I'm giving them major props...

    4. JR, you said it, nothing is happening till teams are shut out in free agency and looking to fill a roster...But if something happens in a few weeks I'll be extremely and pleasantly surprised...

  5. Moving Wright for anything makes sense to me...If we can hurt the Lakers in the process even better...lol...It's too bad nobody wants the exception we already have but I'd rather have the roster space (for Brown or a PG + McGuire) then Wright at this point

    1. What if Rush gets signed elsewhere?

    2. Then McGuire is a necessity plus Barnes and Jefferson assume bigger roles...not much other than that...

    3. Ok then, bring in Delonte West. He is the backup to the 1/2. He provides the production offensively and defensively that you want out of a back up point, or shooting guard. He has played a backup point with LBJ in Cleveland and worked with Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas. I like the edge he plays with and want him on the team.

      Rush comes back. McGuire comes back. West FA signing at MLE 2 yr 7 mil contract.

      I'm ready for the season.

    4. basically if you don't bring back Rush, Mr. Lacob, you screwed us. All I wanted was Rush, McGuire and Rush! Just do that much.
      Last year the Dubs filled in holes very well, adding McGuire and Robinson as FAs and trading Amondson for Rush.
      I was so surprised when the move was made to bring in Rush, as I saw SF to be their biggest hole last year. It was a great move. Just remember, he backs up the 2 guard and is the only one on the roster who can fill that role now. Oh yeah, he's an RFA. Rush has been offered a contract, and the Warriors really need to match it priority #1.

      I would not be surprised if they wait to handle any business until after officially resigning Rush.

      What leverage is available afterwards could be interesting.

      Yeah, trade DWright now? Not a bad idea.

    5. no confusion, Warriors offered Rush the qualifying offer to resign him. It anyone else outbid's our Dubs, We can match the offer. As of yet I haven't heard of a competing official offer. I do know the LA Times likes Rush for the Lakers. That's the end of my knowledge on the subject.

    6. I think I might prefer Robinson to West but it's close since neither would have much effect on the success of the team. I would definitely prefer Kwame to either since we have so little money to spend. If Rush leaves via a better offer I would hope that McGuire is back along with Brown.

  6. Speaking of the amnesty and "what if."

    What team would be better?

    Curry, Ellis, Thompson, (or Wright), Lee, & Chandler.


    Curry, Thompson, Barnes (Rush), Lee, & Bogut.

    1. I go option A...

      Monta would have been so much more valuable and effective with a big man in the mix...

    2. Lets say you are ownership J. Would you pursue a possible serviceable 5 as Bogut or a upper end 2 as Monta? I always felt it was more difficult to find a 5. What do you think?

    3. No doubt you're right. If I were management I would have done exactly as they did (outside of the amnesty situation) by trying to add the center to the mix without giving up any assets. Getting Chandler to back up the non defense of Monta and Steph would have been perfect and that was my hope from the start. Once that didn't happen they did what they had to do to get the man in the middle and now it's should be much easier to find the other necessary pieces.

      I never complained about the Monta trade, it hurt because I felt like I watched him grow up and wanted to see it through but it had to be done and (if good health prevails) they got the right guy.

    4. I'm with JT on both counts. Monta provided us with a scorer at the rim who got to the free throw line as well. Tyson Chandler has become close to the same player that Bogut was when healthy. Guess what? Chandler didn't happen and Bogut did. What we have in the opportunity to use a nice inside out game, as both starting bigs can pass or score, and the starting perimeter players can all hit perimeter shots... could be really interesting.

    5. no doubt it is harder to find a 5. Look at the Heat. Look at the Thunder as well. Ok the heat at the 5 is a joke.
      The Thunder at the 5 is an interesting comparison. Serge Ibaka or Andrew Bogut? The first thing to look at is health. Ok, the Thunder win now. After that, if fate gives the Dubs a chance, Bogut is a better offensive player than Ibaka, hands down. Defensively, I don't think Ibaka is that much better than Bogut. As for rebounds, Bogut wins.
      Even when you compare 4s and 5s, the Warriors are very well set up without injury, as David Lee has never had the opportunity to play with a quality NBA caliber center in his life. I have to wonder how that will help his defense. I would expect it to be a big surprise and upward trend in all his stats ie 82games.com and synergy.com. We will see, but seriously, it depends on the health of Bogut. Crossing finger, toes, eyes, nosehairs and if you can think of anything else, let me know.

  7. It's a tough call.

    Curry/Ellis sort of clashed on court but there's so many if..if..ifs still. They wouldn't of had the picks this year for Barnes & Ezeli but they'd still have Ekpe.

    1. Ok JR. What do you think of Festus Ezeli? I really miss Udoh! The problem is he wasn't a center. The problem with letting him go, is he could guard a 3, 4, or 5. I remember his perimeter defense would give players fits. Yeah letting him go sucked. In fact, if the Bucks had demanded he be part of the trade, I, as GSW GM, would not have made that trade.
      Festus Ezeli looks like Udoh in a center's body. I would expect him to be able to guard any PFs or Cs this year. He is very mobile defensively. He blocks shots. His weakness is Udoh's weakness... rebounding and offense. No Ezeli will not be able to guard the perimeter like Udoh could on a switch, but Ezeli will be a solid defender against all post players, and there are not many skilled centers in the NBA who are bigger than him.

    2. Capable 6-11+ NBA players don't usually fall to #30. As it stands, the W's really need his size & strength next year and the team seems to believe Eze's up to the task. But, there's got to be a reason(s) why he dropped to 30.

      I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed so I'm not going to put too much stock in Eze at this point... I will be rooting for him.

    3. So because of that... I think if the Bucks are willing, the Warriors should do a sign & trade w/ Milwaukee - D. Wright for Kwame Brown.

      Then GS can use the remaining MLE on a backup PG/SG and they've taken care of the PF & C position.

    4. Not sure exactly how the cap space works out, but that could possibly allow GS to retain Rush, Robinson, and also pickup Jamison if he's they're not too pricey.

      Projected Roster

      PG: Curry-Robinson-Jenkins
      SG: Thompson-Rush-Jefferson
      SF: Barnes-Jefferson-Green/Rush
      PF: Lee-Jamison-Brown-Tyler
      C: Bogut-Brown-Ezeli-Biedrins

      Having Robinson, Rush, Brown, Jamison, & Jefferson as the 6th-10th players is some serious depth.

    5. I think if we get Brown back this year, it has to be as a free agent signing not a sign and trade. A team cannot take a traded player back until 1 or 2 years have passed. I do like the rest of your line-up though. I wish there was another Center that we could be considering as a trade for D Wright.

    6. Lakers sign and trade Jordan Hill for D Wright? That would be a move that would help both teams. It could help the Dubs stay out of the luxury tax, giving us a young big man and give the Lakers a player who could stretch the floor.
      Another player that interests me is the Lakers' Ramon Sessions also a FA. Could we steal both these players away?
      I like this lineup.
      Steph Curry/Ramon Sessions/Charles Jenkins
      Klay Thompson/Brandon Rush
      Harrison Barnes/ Richard Jefferson/Draymond Green
      David Lee/Jordan Hill/ Jeremy Tyler
      Andrew Bogut/Festus Ezeli/Andris Biedrins
      saves some dough and could be as competitive?

      Some people seem to think a back up to Steph Curry is the most important thing, and I am one of them. I have to ask myself is a backup to Bogut more important? Of course this is a question for the FO as well. I am more confident in Ezeli and Biedrins backing up Bogut than I am in only Jenkins backing up Curry. This is why I'm not discussing Brown, but Brown was a nice addition last year.

    7. Shoot... idk about not being able to take the same player back on a sign & trade. Doing the sign & trade w/ Cleveland instead could work to bring in Jamison, & then the W's could sign Brown using the MLE.

      Count me among those that think a backup C is more important. It's just too hard to find quality backup C's mid-season at a reasonable price.

      Ideally yes, the W's could use an upgrade at backup PG, but Robinson and Jenkins proved they could get the job done last year... I can't say the same for any of the replacement C's.

      Jordan Hill is probably the most interesting bargain PF's that have been mentioned. As with a lot of other MLE PF/C's, Hill seems like more of a PF than C, and what I like about K. Brown is that he's more of a C that can also play PF. Unless you're among those ready to throw a 30th pick (Ezeli) out there as a starter, the W's will be in the same position they were in last year at C (Biedrins/Tyler) if Bogut gets hurt or if he doesn't make a full recovery... It could be that Ezeli or Tyler are ready but if not... been there done that.

    8. I just have a bit more faith in Bogut for some reason too... Ezeli just looks like a defensive beast from day 1 in the NBA. Tyler can play some 5 too, though I only want it to happen on a limited basis. Why Jamison? Yeah he's athletic and can score a bit, but I don't think he can defend anyone anymore. I would rather have McGuire by quite a bit as the backup 4. oh well.

    9. I've made no secret about being out on Jamison. Why not just bring back Mike Dunleavy? I should be posting my thoughts on free agency so far tonight. I'd like Jordan Hill but am pretty certain he can get more then the $3 mil the Dubs are offering, it must be a worst case scenario for him because otherwise he would've already signed...same goes for Hickson

    10. I believe Bogut will be solid also, but I'd rather see them err on the side of caution. Either way, the W's need someone to man the C position while he's resting or in foul trouble.

      Assuming that defending C's will have to account for Bogut, Jamison could have a field day on the W's and I think that's why the team is considering him. Jamison's quick strike-ability inside the paint would be extremely useful for GS plus he'll spread the floor a little... It all depends on the cost.

      It looks like GS might be opening space to sign Rush & McGuire since they traded Wright for virtually nothing. Or, there could be a sign & trade of sorts in the making.

  8. JT, moving Andris Biedris for Elton Brand with cash incentives (to the 76ers) could be a great idea. What do you think? I have to be willing to change my mind all the time. lqtm.

    If anyone has an idea of how to move Biedrins, let me know. Elton Brand is a player I think the Dubs could get great production from at a much better value than Biedrins.

    The 76ers want to amnesty Elton Brand. We wished we amnestied Biedrins.

    Add some cash to the deal and I think the Sixers say yes.

    1. Brand was already amnethized (Thanks Bill Simmons) so he is free to sign anywhere after clearing waivers which only teams under the cap can bid. They wouldn't have done the deal anyway because Andris had another year which would have ended up equal to Brand's money.

    2. maybe Biedrins gets arrested by the Latvian IRS? Please?

    3. I think that's a little harsh don't you think?...lol...there's got to be another way. It's looking more and more like he'll be on the roster until he's easier to move as an expiring contract next season.

    4. yes and 2014 is looking great for cap space and free agents. I think the Dubs can be careful with that year's cap and still improve. Looks like by that time, GS could be a place a free agent would like to come. Look up what Klay Thompson is doing with the Select team. Or see here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16ghYzDBiO4&feature=g-all-u "Thunder's rumblings about Klay."
      Yeah Biedrins is going to be here for a while still. That man was one of my fave players when he signed this darned contract, lol.

  9. Is it just me smiling? I notice the change in fan philosophy changing to control the game over outscore the opponent. I still feel that either McGuire or Rush is needed as J.T. states. Did Green sign yet? If he isn't signed can he play in the summer league? Waiver? I'll check back. S

    1. Green will be signed and will be in the summer league, I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened yet but I expect the news to come early this week.

  10. here is my best and worst case free agency scenarios... I do not list a big man signee other than McGuire... and I think in the best case Dubs easily get to the second round of the playoffs... If they sign Jerryd Bayless as the backup 1/2 guard. http://shawnkfrazier.com/?p=314

  11. just one more thing... Kwame Brown can't play PF imo. He is only a Center. I don't believe he has the versatility. When he came into the NBA at 18, yes I would have agreed, maybe. Now, no. If he is an available FA and we can get rid of Beidrins, then I'm all in. Otherwise, Beidrins is here and Brown is not for at least another year. Amnesty? oh yeah too late.

    1. I agree for the most part, at this point he'd be a luzury that's going to cost more then we've got...Even with a bum shoulder I think he'll get more then $3 mil

  12. This team didn't get shitty overnight. Past management decisions progressively have made us that way. Lacob group pulled the strings on the Monta deal & to their credit showed their commitment to better this franchise. Yes, risky but with rewards if all goes right. So they don't make this trade what would this seasons opening possibilities look like? What other GS past management made any bold moves as this ownership group has done? I remember what difficulties came about attempting to correct my own business ventures. Success in business comes from calculated adjustments within the organization & the balls to pull the trigger at the right times. We could sit here with our finger stuck in the wrong cookie jar as past years of misery & would be if this group hadn't acted as they did. I've ate too many chocolate cookies. This changing of our thinking of gaining control of the contest by doing more to control the paint wins in every sport. Build organizations in BB from the rim out, not the other way around. The "paint" is where it's at & I strongly feel if can't control this area you never will have anything of value left to show. We don't play for packs of cig.s anymore. Understand the "Black Eye" theory. Control the game. Of course you will get a few lumps but little good comes without bruises. The first punch doesn't always win. When they make mistakes, capitalize on it. Make your punches count. I hope as I've said a million times that the BB gods are on our side. If so we have hope. As far as a true fan I just say this: "Show me". I feel Lacob & franchise are doing what they can, as fast as they can. This is all I can ask for. Again Rome wasn't built in a day. I can't expect the W's to be built any sooner. I will just say that I feel myself that GS is going somewhere. Up or Down? No matter what we have to change to have possibilities of improvement. Sitting on your ass never showed me any possibilities of anything but where we were last season. Make moves to improve! Keep up the good work GS management. Bring some help in the free agency market if possible. S