Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Annual Mock Mock Draft

By Justin Taylor

Over the next month there will be hundreds if not thousands of Mock Drafts done by every sports website, magazine and news publication.  The reason is that people like me (and you apparently) cannot wait for the actual draft to happen.  Some of them mimic the draft process and others make a mockery of it.  I plan to land somewhere in the middle with the First Annual Trapped in Golden State Mock Mock Draft.

Sometimes I wonder if some of these sites are pulling names out of a hat, rigging the draft to get their team a good pick or having a 4 year old fill the form out in crayon; then they update it over and over until the page is just a big colorful mess.  I plan on doing a follow up scorecard after the draft so I can clearly document just how much time I’ve wasted following what these draft “experts” are saying.  I just want,,, Yahoo Sports the Mercury News and the Chronicle to be warned, someone is scoring your garbage this year.  I also plan on having a contest (for the most awesome Trapped in Golden State T-shirt anyone has ever given you) for the reader who comes closest to the cup in projecting the lottery so look for that later in the week.

Lets see if my first shot at it can stand up to the “professionals” without taking the process too seriously or rigging it for the Warriors too badly.

Has an eye brow (literally one eyebrow) ever received so much attention?

1. New Orleans Hornets: Unibrow / PF / Kentucky / Freshman

You heard it hear first, I called it…stone cold lock.  No one saw that coming.  I considered putting another name here just to see how much hate mail I could generate.  This draft slot should put all the NBA Draft Lottery conspiracy theories right to bed, no?  If it were allowed the Hornets would have signed him up on stage at the draft lottery.  The only questions left is whether he’ll wear a god-awful suit and will he split the “brow” for draft night?  Maybe I’m the only one who was paying attention but I feel like that thing got bigger and more defined since Kentucky won the NCAA tounament.  Has anyone told him this isn’t like growing your first beard or mustache?  I think I need to move on.

2. Charlotte Bobcats: Harrison Barnes / SF / North Carolina / Sophomore 

The Bobcats proved that tanking harder then anyone in the history of the game does not get you an extra ping pong ball.  Since the whole thing is rigged any way I wonder if this is just a subtle middle finger back at Michael Jordan for that season he played minor league baseball.  They do need a Small Forward but I’m pretty sure not even GM Rich Cho thinks (as if his opinion matters) that Harrison Barnes is the best player on the board.  But the team is going to suck anyway so you might as well take a kid from one of the real pro teams in the state (the Tar Heels and Duke were both better then the Bobcats this year) so you could sell some tickets.  The thing that turned me off on Barnes was the fact he was talking about his “brand” before he even arrived at North Carolina.  Maybe Jordan can help him sell shoes but we all know he blows when it comes to scouting and cultivating talent.

3. Washington Wizards: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist / SF / Kentucky / Freshman

I think MKG will go second but if he lands here it will be the first good influence the Wizards have put next to John Wall since he got there.  This kid has got more work ethic then JaVale McGee, Nick Young and Andray Blatche combined and squared.
4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Andre Drummond / C / UCONN / Freshman

They have got Kryrie Irving and little else.  They probably think they have the Power Forward spot sewn up with Tristan Thompson and Sideshow Bob (aka Anderson Varejo) so I think they take a chance on a true center with extreme boom or bust potential.   I say he’ll be a booming bust.  I heard he destroyed Yi Jianlian’s chair in his latest workout though.

5. Sacramento Kings: Bradley Beal / SG/ Florida / Freshman

They’re probably crossing their fingers that Drummond falls to them so they can field one of the biggest frontlines in the history of the league.  What they have is one of the most immature rosters in the league and they’re about to end up with another teenager.   Hopefully they hire a life coach to assist Keith Smart and someone to continue shitting on the fans when the Maloofs get tired and dehydrated.

6. Portland Trailblazers / Damian Lillard / PG / Weber State / Junior

Raymond Felton started looking like he was ready to stop eating his way out of the league right around the time he realized his contract was about to expire.  Portland needs a future point and some slashing ability and I hear Lillard can provide the scoring but I wouldn’t know.  I couldn’t even guess where Weber State is.  People around the country might be saying the same thing about Golden State right now.

7. Golden State Warriors / Thomas Robinson / PF / Kansas / Junior

If it played out this way I don’t see how the Warriors go any other direction.  If he’s not here (and that’s a pretty sure bet) I’m glad it’s not me pulling the trigger.  I don’t want Harrison Barnes’ “brand” or Andre Drummond’s lack of skill.  I could go for Dion Waiters slashing ability and I do like Terrance Jones ability to guard multiple positions but not at number 7.  I can’t help but feel like a package of picks for someone who can contribute this year is the way to go.  Since I don’t see anyone else helping this season I see a full column’s worth of trade proposals coming on. 

Here are my top ten hopes for the thought process behind this pick:

1. Thomas Robinson or Bradley Beal fall into our laps
2. Trade
3. Dion Waiters
4. Trade
5. Harrison Barnes
6. Trade
7. Andre Drummond
8. Trade
9. Trade
10. Terrance Jones or Jared Sullinger

We hear over and over how Small Forward is the priority and Jones or Sullinger are good fits but where is the value in those guys?  I trust the Logo to do as he sees fit but until he tells me otherwise I’d like to see the pick(s) traded for an immediate consistent help if these are our choices.

8. Toronto Raptors: Dion Waiters / SG / Syracuse / Sophomore

Here comes the section none of us care about until we get close to the 30th pick.  The Raptors suck on both sides of the ball so they might as well get someone who can score and excite all the hockey fans.

9. Detroit Pistons: Perry Jones / SF-PF / Baylor / Sophomore

The Pistons are paying Charlie Villanueva and Tayshaun Prince roughly $14 million a year to do basically nothing at this point.  It’s probably time to bring in a new tweener who will show just enough to get overpaid in four years and then lay down on them.  The best part of it is when he gets back up in year four during his contract season and convinces another team to do it all over again.  I love this game!

10.  New Orleans Hornets: Kendall Marshall / PG / North Carolina / Sophomore

On a team with so many offensive liabilities (Unibrow included) they are going to need a guy who can mask some of those deficiencies even if he is deficient himself.  I like the thought of him setting up Curry, Thompson, Lee and Bogut but I can’t help but think he’ll be taking just as much off the table as he puts on it.  He won’t be making anyone forget about Chris Paul.

This is what happens every time the Blazers spend a high pick on a big man

11. Portland Trailblazers: Tyler Zeller / C / North Carolina / Senior

Since the Blazers are clearly cursed when it comes to using high draft picks on young big men with limitless potential I think they’ll spend a late lottery pick on one that has experience with huge limits to his upside.

12. Milwaukee Bucks: Myers Leonard / C / Illinois / Sophomore

 This concludes the run on big, slow, limited, white men in the draft.  You know how these things go, when the first one goes everyone gets nervous and gets theirs while they can.  Andrew Bogut’s legacy in Milwaukee will be safe.

13. Phoenix Suns: Jared Sullinger / PF / Ohio St. / Sophomore

Sullinger is a good example of why you don’t go back to school after you are guaranteed to be a top five pick in the draft.  He cost himself a few million dollars with that move.  I don’t know what his major was but I’m sure it wasn’t business.

14. Houston Rockets:  Jeremy Lamb / SG / UCONN / Sophomore

Kevin Martin’s days are numbered in Houston and Lamb seems to offer more versatility.  I haven’t seen him play much but I’m sure his demeanor and shooting stroke won’t make you want to punch him like Martin does.

15. Philadelphia 76ers: Arnett Moultrie / PF / Mississippi State / Junior

We saw their ceiling during the playoffs so it’s time for the Sixers to start rebuilding.  They’re hoping it starts with a potential Elton Brand replacement.

16. Houston Rockets: Terrance Jones / PF / Kentucky / Sophomore

I don’t think they were happy with Marcus Morris last year so this year they’re taking the new and improved Marcus Morris 2.0.  You have to wonder what position Jones thinks he plays because nobody else seems to know.

Considering 00 played for Creighton I've got a feeling John Henson has a lot of this in his future

17. Dallas Mavericks: John Henson / PF /North Carolina / Junior

Brandan Wright, meet John Henson.  John Henson, meet Brandan Wright.  Now switch jerseys and lets see if anyone notices.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves: Terrance Ross / SG / Washington / Sophomore

The Wolves need a two guard so they can stop pretending like Wesley Johnson can play the position.

19. Orlando Magic: Moe Harkless / SF / St. Johns / Freshman

Since every Dwight Howard trade scenario involves the contingency called Hedo Terkoglu’s terrible contract this pick could be a short and long term upgrade at his spot.

20. Denver Nuggets: Royce White / SF / Iowa St. / Sophomore

This guy could replace Al Harrington’s pudgy ass right away and might be the steal of the draft if he doesn’t get arrested and isn’t too afraid to get on the team plane to away games; see Royce White, anxiety disorder.

21. Boston Celtics: Austin Rivers / SG / Duke/ Freshman

Talk about rigging a mock draft.  It’s too convenient to save Lil Doc for daddy.   I’m sure someone will take a chance on him before now but I’m just not a fan.  He can definitely replace what Ray Allen is giving them at this point but what is that?  He may turn out to be a hell of a player once he realizes he is not the man.

22. Boston Celtics: Fab Melo / C / Syracuse / Sophomore

The C’s probably wish they had Kendrick Perkins replacement this season instead of next when it’s too late.

23. Atlanta Hawks: Tony Wroten Jr. / PG / Washington / Freshman

Joe Johnson’s ridiculous contract (my name for him until he justifies at least half of it) will be happy to have a guy that wants the ball but someone will have to remind this kid the ball doesn’t have his name on it.

24. Cleveland Cavaliers: Doron Lamb / SG / Kentucky / Sophomore

Kyrie Irving needs a running mate in the backcourt and after this selection that will still be the case.

25. Memphis Grizzlies: Quincy Miller / SF / Baylor / Freshman

Many say he’d already be better than Perry Jones if he didn’t tear his ACL which makes me hope the Warriors don’t take Jones that much more.

26. Indiana Pacers: John Jenkins / SG / Vanderbilt / Junior

Indiana is very good for a team that can’t stretch the floor so adding one of the best shooters in the draft seems like solid logic to me.

27. Miami Heat: Draymond Green / SF / Michigan St. / Senior

Miami needs to replace Shane Battier’s rotting corpse so adding a Tom Izzo grad can’t hurt.  This team needs toughness and versatility outside of the big two and a half.  Maybe they can replace Mike Miller’s carcass in the 2013 draft.

28: Oklahoma City Thunder: Andrew Nicholson / PF / St. Bonaventure / Senior

San Antonio north wants high IQ, high efficiency guys who will can grow old with Durant and give Westbrook a reason to pass the ball every once in a while.

29. Chicago Bulls: Evan Fournier / SG / France

Because apparently Rip Hamilton died two years ago.  Where do I send flowers?

Why draft Sullinger when you can have this guy 20 picks later?  Bob Huggins has probably been paying him for years so it's almost like he already has pro experience.

30. Golden State Warriors: Kevin Jones / PF / West Virginia / Senior

High motor, Confident, passionate, polished and driven are labels I’ve seen attached to this guy.  I think he gives you more then Jared Sullinger for half the price.  Looking at him I get visions of David West and you could do much worse at #30.  If we don’t trade the picks I’d be happy to see this guy compete for minutes behind Lee.  Some other prospects that will get a look here are Andrew Nicholson if he’s still on the board, Vanderbilt big man Festus Ezeli (who looks like a taller, longer Ekpe Udoh) and Bay Area product Drew Gordon.

It’s been said that this is a deep draft (only for rotation players in my mind) but it strikes me as odd that I’m more excited for guys late in the first round then I am about those projected to go in the late lottery.  I won't be opposed to the age limit increase because I'm tired of having no idea what these guys will become in the league and I don't plan on being in the lottery next year (since the Jazz will have our pick) or for years after that.


  1. Justin my man.... I love the way u think re our Dubs picking up Thomas Robinson in a free-fall all the way to 7. Problem is, IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!(unfortunately).

    Barnes, PJ3 or Sullinger.... It will be 1 of those 3. Dead-set certainties. I'll mortgage my brand-new Bogut jersey on it.

    Thanks for the Mock. Fun read. Keen to submit mine.

    1. I just don't think I'll like any of those guys until the Logo tells me I should. Thanks for reading. I'll do a separate post with the mock draft contest rules later in the week.

  2. Justin, I like my mock drafts spiced with narrative and you've got a bit of your Bill Simmons on today. That was fun.

    dcprosportsreport is carrying 96 mocks today, and The Sports Bank links their claim to have been the most accurate of 2011, so there has been a comparison vehicle based on "closeness" I guess is how I see it. Not the same as "insight", or hitting a "home run" but someone has to decide on criteria.

    I'm already all over yours with my own magic markers, but they're washable.

    1. Much appreciated Dr. J...

      I hope you'll post yours thoughts when I get the Lottery contest up...Always enjoy your posts on Adam Lauridsen's site!

  3. Justin, my man, I owe you a sincere apology. See, whenever I see another group posting on Facebook to like/check out their page, I immediately disregard it as spam. But I actually gave this page a look and the posts are very high-quality. Thumbs up.

    That said, I agree with your previous sentiment about this being a deep draft without a whole lot of star power, and I also agree that I am almost envisioning the trade possibilities right now (I want the Warriors to trade down; my gut feeling is they are trading up). Again, thanks for the quality read.

    1. Jake,

      You owe me nothing...In fact I owe you for the read and the compliment...I've been working my ass off to connect with as many Warrior fans as possible between now and the start of the season because anyone who's paying attention right now is a true die hard fan...thanks for going out of your way to find the site....Go Dubs...

    2. Jake, totally agree on trading down.

      Trading up a few spots also makes sense if they really want someone like Drummond, Beal, MKG, or T-Rob.

  4. Justin, your picks related to position/team show a very limited knowledge of the players or teams..kind of a waste....

    1. I'm definitely no Chad Ford, I'll be the first to admit that...Either way, sorry you didn't find a laugh anywhere in there...Hopefully you'll come back and give your picks in the Mock Draft Challenge later this week...thanks for the read and the feedback.

  5. Got to say I had plenty of laughs, but I guess that's to be expected from a site called TIGS. Not sure how accurate the mock is but then again, no one knows how things will play out. Not too many had Thompson going to the W's last year.

    After the sure pick(s), Beal & then T-rob look like the W's best picks to me as well but that's just going w/ on paper/by the experts analysis. If they can't trade up or if neither of them fall, I'm hoping they parlay the 7th & 30th to Houston for the 14th & 16th.

    The team is supposed to be young but it's really just Thompson & Curry that are young. Having traded Udoh & next years' 1st rounder, they need to get at least one more quality player under the rookie pay scale or they're going to get killed by the cap.

    1. "Having traded Udoh & next years' 1st rounder, they need to get at least one more quality player under the rookie pay scale or they're going to get killed by the cap."

      In other words, trading the 7th pick for a lower end top-tier star would no doubt make them better in the short run but as they say, be very careful what you wish for.

    2. Unless a mock is by someone with real sources I think they are all exercises in entertainment....You're right about the youth, I like Jenkins but could do with or without Tyler...After that it's guys in their prime so if we can add someone who can contribute right away we might be headed somewhere (IF we're healthy of course, and that is a huge IF)

      As Thompson showed, the Logo knows what he wants and we can't really question his motives until they are proven to fail...It's going to be an exciting (but nerve racking) time...

    3. Good point on the trade...that's actually the best argument I've heard for sticking with our picks...I always get comments that help mold my perspective..I've been willing to trade all the picks to move up and get in the top 3 or get an established "star" relatively speaking but you're right, we will need the bodies in the coming years...we're still in asset accumulation mode...but we are close so it's a delicate balance that I'm only comfortable with because of the Logo's presence...Can you imagine Riley running this show? I'd be sick to my stomach...

    4. Trading the picks to move up is fine imo if there's a player that the W's (& the Logo) love because they get him for cheap for like 4-5 years.

      What I mean is how people say the W's should trade Rudy Gay & others for the 7th pick & Jefferson/Biens. Yes it'd be a quick boost, but the cap is $58m right now and they'd still need to sign Bogut & Curry after 2013/2014.

      Can you imagine Myers trying to roster 10 players with Rudy Gay & the $20m he's due for 2014/2015?


      Bogut-----------($15.0m)-------------($15m) (estimates)
      Curry-----------($15.0m)------------($15m) (estimates)

      Totals ---------$69.5m---------------$51.4m

      Talk about being trappedingoldenstate...

    5. That's for sure...we'd be Trapped in Cap Hell in a couple years...

      The only guy I'd be willing to stretch for is AI but even then we're walking the tightrope after a season or two (especially with no pick next season)

      I don't know if I'd have the balls to move up but it's definitely more responsible then taking on more salary and killing the cap...I'm getting more and more comfortable with the idea of staying put or even moving back a few spots to help acquire more assets...The Dakota Wizards might be REALLY good this think summer league is going to be interesting too...

    6. Oh I forgot, Jenkins and Tyler definitely have potential.

      What I meant to say in my original post is that Curry & Thompson are the only Warriors under the rookie pay scale that I'd considered at least above your average NBA player at this point. You need "underpaid" players like that to balance out an NBA team.

    7. Yeah, and Curry might be overpaid after this season so that hurts the trade scenarios...Does Lacob bust into luxury tax territory in a major way for him?

      Love Jenkins...lukewarm on Tyler, I really like his effort (and from what I can tell his work ethic) but his hands remind me of Dampier...that's one skill that can't be taught...

    8. It's either hand-eye or nerves, inexperience &/or trying to do too much for Tyler. He just needs to up & dunk it more & keep the ball above his shoulders.

      Easier said than done o/c, but I've seen him do it a few times & he looks strong enough in his upper body. He'll definitely need to strengthen the lower body, learn to get levered, & hold onto the ball.

    9. Looked to me like he had some 10W30 on his hands...maybe he needs to start doing Monta's little wax treatment before games?

    10. I'm only going by on paper, expert opinion, & on-paper analysis but Beal seems like a player worth trading up for.

      6.5 rebounds is insane from a 6-3 18 y/o do it all SG. He might be what Warriors need most... A player that can rebound above avg. at his position, regardless of position, AND a player that can hit a game winner.

      Year-----GSW Rebounding Differential----NBA Rank

      ­2008-----------------------(-3.­7)----------------2ND TO LAST

    11. lol, maybe they can send him to Jerry Rice WR camp.

    12. Yeah, that shows real grit, something we need more of for sure...

    13. Didn't see your Q on paying Curry.

      Curry is still "Trapped in Golden State"© for 2 more years ;)

      He's only be making $4m & $5.2m so they have the luxury to wait & see what happens w/ his ankles. The Warriors just need to make sure they add some good young players now so they can at least have the option of signing both Bogut & Curry in 2014/2015.

    14. The luxury to see is really only this season. He'll be up for an extension after this season and they'll either have to pay him or ride out the following season with some drama and the potential of some other team making him a ridiculous offer as a restricted FA just to screw with us...

    15. Shoot, you're right. Curry's a restricted free agent after this year.

      And people want them to trade the pick for a pricey SF...

    16. Yeah, I'm wondering what the front office feels about trading for a guy with an option to leave after the season cause I would be all for attempting a Curry, Wright + #7 and #35 for Deron Williams...At this point his price is actually lower then Paul and Rondo...

      Even that move is far fetched so we may end up with another year of developing rookies and hoping Curry is healthy so we can properly evaluate him as the future point guard...The marketing department has almost forced us to overpay him already even though he hasn't done that much even when he's healthy.

    17. I'm no Doc, but according to them it sounds like not ever getting healthy & bad luck. There's no way to know of course but in my opinion, the W's have to just completely forget about all of last year for Curry. Just call it a lost season & consider what he's done when healthy.

      Curry has shown the ability to be lights out in the 4th quarter, or for about the 1st 10 minutes of the 4th anyway. It'd be an absolute disaster if they were to trade him now and he turns out to be that guy, but for most of a game, season, and career. W/ the right players around him (Bogut + Lee - Ellis?) & health, I think Curry it'd be a big mistake to trade him. Not sure why the W's would have to give the #7 pick. Williams is due $17.8m wouldn't resign w/ the W's anyway.

      That said, drafting a PG/SG or trading up/back in the draft for one w/ the 7th pick would be a good idea. And/or they could use MLE for a vet PG like the CSN folks suggest.

    18. Of course, who knows what the front office thinks...

    19. Wish I could edit my comment lol.

      Also, Curry is "damaged goods" right & his value is as low as it's likely to get. That could actually be a blessing when it comes time to negotiate an extension & the RFA market.

  6. At this point the Warriors need both a back-up combo guard and a back-up big man ( which we lost in Udoh), so we need to determine which one is available in the draft and which one in free agency. Honestly I think Dion Waiters is the best option (he reminds me of a poor man's D-wade)

    1. yeah, all the focus on small forward is misplaced in my be a complete team we could hold on to the depth we have at the 3 and fills out the bench at the 1, 4 and 5...I'd be happy with Waiters at number 7. People will think we took him too high because some stupid mock draft had him going lower but if you like a guy you add him to the team and don't look back...Remember when the Niners took Aldon Smith? No one is complaining about reaching by 4 picks anymore...

    2. Would be great if Beal fell to 7 or if they trade up for him too.

      The'll probably use the MLE & later picks for a big.

    3. We'd have a deadly small line up in that case!

    4. No doubt SF is the weakest starting position, but the W's are deep there w/ great 3-pt shooters that can spread the floor.

      Nothing wrong w/ a 3 guard rotation. They have K.D. but it works for OKC.

    5. Just need to sign a Kwame Brown or someone w/ the MLE.

    6. Along with Lee and Bogut who are good passers we might see a huge season from three point land this year IF everyone is healthy...IF IF IF...wish I didn't need to include that every time I talk about the upcoming season.

    7. J.R. a W's fan? I think so. S

    8. It is crazy how many Dub fans have such a solid grasp of roster, cap, prospects, development and more for the team...just one more reason I'm here, I wonder how many other teams (especially tortured ones) can say that...

    9. Yep, one of the W's fans who agrees that Bogut will help propel the Warriors... IF IF IF. At least to be a #8 seed, the W's have really just needed a C to control the glass and prevent easy layups. The good thing is Bogut can do a lot more than that. With Bogut at C, Lee is more of a rover & doesn't have to worry about trying to defend players like Bynum & Gasol all by himself.

      You're darn Wright there's going to be a ton of open 3's at the Oracle now that teams have to guard both Bogut & Lee. People seem to forget D. Wright led the NBA in # of 3's for 2011. Thompson, Curry, & Rush are just as deadly, if not deadlier from beyond the arc. Boxing out both Lee & Bogut is going to be nightmare in the event of a missed 3 & their ability to pass will allow for easy put backs or for the shooters to reload.

      Waiters is moving up the boards and could very well be a W's target. 7 seems a bit high but you know the new front office won't hesitate to grab him or trade back if it's who they want.

  7. Nice article, Justin.
    I agree with much of your analysis, but I must say I am just incredibly elated that we stayed in the top 7. What a difference it makes, no?

    That being said, I have my own opinions, albeit handicapped by living in SE Asia now and the UK before.

    So, my own perspective has definitely been molded by sites such as Draft Express as well as various bloggers and their followers.

    However, since there appears to be a plethora of potential future starters among the top 15 or so, and fewer number of all-stars at the very top, I say draft for need first. No sense duplicating Curry,for example when we have glaring needs elsewhere.Can you visualise any of those mentioned taking over for him, or Thompson for that matter ?

    With that in mind, if I were the Logo, I would take a long, hard look at PJ III as he is tearing it up for the team auditions, or so I have read. He could easily go before we pick at #7.

    If, however, there is a possibility of trading up, I would go for Thomas Robinson ahead of MKG as he fills a bigger need. Of course, in a moment of levity, someone just might be willing to take all of our 3's in which case, yes, go for MKG.
    I would personally rather weed out the 3's by trading D.Wright, make McGuire the starter to balance out there starting 5 with his toughness, defense, ball handling and rebounding skills. He also helps the cap problem by being inexpensive to re-sign.

    At #30, your recommendations are as good as anyone else's, perhaps better as I know nothing about Jones, who in your opinion could be a steal there perhaps.

    If we keep #35, I pray they take Jared Cunningham like many project. Definitely would fill the need for a quality back up gaurd.

    Love your insights and wit, mate. Much better reading than previously stated frustration and negativity articles. Nice one !

    Cheers !

    PS If you have a list of readers you notify when you post your articles, please ad me to them, won't you ?

    1. Who would've thought Mr. Mean could be such a nice guy? I'm sure Larry Smith was a nice guy off the court too but on the court he devoured rebounds the way we all seem to scour for analysis and a new take on the team.

      PJIII scares the hell out of me because he is another huge boom or huge but guys. I wish I had Jerry's ear to find out what he thought so I could stop going back and forth on him.

      The MKG / T.Rob debate is a good one if we were to try and move up. I don't know that we could go wrong with either because they both bring the toughness, passion and tenacity we need at all spots right now. I do think MKG would play more in the short term because he can take minutes at the 2 and 3 spots (and defend both well) but Robinson might be able to put a dent in management's love affair with Lee (I like the guy but damn, their man love is ridiculous)

      Thanks for the read and the feedback!

  8. Love this Robinson pick if this materializes. Yet your 30th pick does wonders for me! Now whether the W's see it this way is another story. Jones shows value with these #'s listed below: 1) 7.5 defensive rebounds per 40 minutes 2) He turns the ball over at a very low rate. 1.5 turnovers per 40 minutes 3) He plays a fair amount in the post, and he's shooting a tremendous 60.9% from the field in post-up situations , which at a rate of 1.241 points per possession is better than 95% NCAA players, according to Synergy Sports Technology. 4)4.8 offensive rebounds per 40 min, 12.3 total in 40 min!( All D.E. info.) The great #'s spell worthwhile reasoning for the move.
    He should be a player who will produce needed low post #'s next to Bogut when spelling Lee rest. Appears his production will be sooner than later. Unusual for a rookie at #30. Hopefully you are in the W's war room to help them pull the trigger with this pick. Tough to teach "Desire to be the best". Usually you either have it or not. It's not like a light switch. His consistent improvement in his #'s of importance shows this kid has plenty of it. And the smarts to develop the fundamentals that are important in being a successful NBA player. Yes he has the smarts but do the W's? This is the annual question from the W's fans. I don't see us slipping any further downward from recent past season stats with these above decisions. Of course how much further down can we go? Seems that we're always within the top 5-7 in "Limbo" each season unfortunately.
    I go by the statistics. What else can help you project the future of any prospect? Or veteran for that matter. Always will be a crapshoot. Just as in "Moneyball" nothing is guaranteed. Agreed with your last 2 paragraph's. Great article Justin, not too biased, plenty of reasoning. Thanks for the time spent. Hopefully G.S. learns how to tie their shoe laces sooner than later by picking for worthwhile need over glamor. For once in G.S.'s life can we just use our heads? Make sure the token of Myers is present. We need all the help we can get here in Oakland. S

    1. HA! I wish I could be a fly on the wall in that room! And I agree about the reader turnout, I keep waiting for some bandwagon Laker fan to come through and try to tell me how bad we suck....I KNOW HOW BAD WE SUCK, that's the point of the site...but unlike those fairweather D-bags we have great fans who don't run from the hard times and will have every right to rub salt in the wounds of everyone in our wake when we are the ones on top... but we probably won't because we are only worried about OUR own team and our own fan base...

    2. All smiles on this end! Nice to be able to share the misery, & true hope for our W's. May the true W's fans step up to the plate & VENT their misery. Getting this off our chests is new as we never had the ability to speak together as this. I speak for all here to thank you for your precious time spent pacifying us here at T.I.G.S. Yes we may be trapped, but we haven't given up the ship! We someday will stand above all at the top sooner than be expected. I have true hope. Get out in the open Warrior fans! You are the reason the game is played. The more, the merrier! S

  9. Nice turnout with good reading! Nice to read from true W's fans rather than being shunned by nearly all for being one. I'm tired literally over the tire tracks. Enlightening.

  10. "I won't be opposed to the age limit increase because I'm tired of having no idea what these guys will become in the league and I don't plan on being in the lottery next year (since the Jazz will have our pick) or for years after that."

    It'd be unfair to the real high-end players but it sure would make the NCAA's & the draft more interesting.

    1. no doubt...even the high end players would benefit in the long run barring injury (the one real caveat)

      You don't hear people talking about how Duncan would have been better off coming out early...KG and Lebron would have been on winners sooner if they had a little experience on the stage of the NCAA tournament...even though Lebron probably would have choked...HA!...had to do it...

    2. For every Duncan there is a guy that falls, maybe not like in football but it happens. I'm also assuming a player that goes out as a Frosh gets 3 years extra at the end... 3yrs x $15m is a lot of cash.

    3. Your right, happened to PJ3 and Sullinger this year...the cost themselves a couple mil staying last season...They'd have a better shot at a Duncan type resume if a truly great player gets great college experience but I guess I'd rather have a bigger bank account than a better resume too...

    4. Or if Oden hadn't declared...

      Definitely something to be said for the college experience, getting a degree, &/or maybe winning multiple titles though.

    5. This is why I endorse what the MLB does, JR. Your top-end guys (Davis, Noel, Muhammad, etc...) come into the league straight out of high school. The guys who believe they need more seasoning go to college and get 3 years to develop. Of course, you can then make the argument that more players would jump at the money and head to the professional level.

    6. same here...I wish there was a way to draft a guys rights and let him go back to school like the Celtics did with Bird all those years ago...

      You could draft Noel's rights right now let him get a little bit of an education (although no one's going to class when they know they're going to the still have guys on the active roster who are actually ready to contribute...the league's consistent play and competition level would go up dramatically in my mind.

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