Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Final 2012 NBA Draft Primer from Trapped in Golden State

By Justin Taylor

It would take a minor miracle but MKG might be the one guy that nobody complains about

The NBA silly season is officially hitting a fever pitch this week and I don't think anyone can remember the last time the Warriors had this many options heading into the draft.  There are so many scenarios to consider between picks, trades and free agents that it has been making my head hurt.  In years past we’d be sitting around wondering how the front office would crap the bed then spin it to make it sound like they turned over every stone, followed every lead and in the end they got their guy.  I still remember how upset I was the day we picked Todd Fuller over Kobe and then again the following year when we picked Adonal Foyle over Tracy McGrady.  Those were dark days that led to some of the worst seasons in franchise history.  It really wasn’t that long ago but that just isn’t the environment we live in anymore.  Now we can all sit back, relax and let the Logo do what the Logo does best.

Back then when we were (even bigger) laughingstocks, we all probably saw Gary Radnich give his take on KRON 4 News on draft night then read as Ray Ratto slammed it in the Chronicle the next morning (or the Examiner in the afternoon).  If you wanted to personally complain you could have called Ralph Barbieri at SportsPhone 68 or wrote a letter to a paper or magazine that had about zero chance of getting published.  But if you really wanted to make your point you could simply stop buying tickets (which is still be the best way to cast a negative vote to this day).

Times have changed, plain and simple.  Nowadays any average schmuck can let management know what they think of the job they’re doing by starting a website for a small fee (we’ll call it in this case).  You can also set up a social network of similarly tortured fans on Facebook (a good example would be or you can tap into the most immediate source of news and snide remarks mankind has ever known on Twitter (@trappdngoldenst would be another spot where your opinions wouldn’t fall on deaf ears).  That’s before you even log into or to connect with thousands of other fans weighing in as the draft is still developing. 

Many league executives and coaches may like to think that since they’re the ones sailing the ship that they don’t need to listen to the passengers and they may be right.  At the same it’s hard to find a better reason why more and more execs and coaches are walking the proverbial plank faster then you can say amnesty clause since the dawn of the Social Networking Soapbox Age.

With so many decisions to make and so many ways for fans and media to contest, support, mock or a Molotov cocktail of all three the reaction promises to come like an avalanche as soon as they’re made.  As I get ready draft day I’ve got my mock draft, my trade scenarios, my Facebook and my Twitter locked, loaded.   With all that being said is there anything that can be done on Thursday that won’t draw any negative vibes on the interwebs?  I’m going to trot out my top 6 scenarios we might see tomorrow in order of how much I’d like to see them happen.  Post your thoughts in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter leading up to or during the draft with your thoughts, most ridiculous draft day fashion jokes and reactions.

1.  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist falls into our laps and everyone rejoices.  Who will take issue with this chain of events?  Even if he doesn’t become an all star he fits a long term need, our style of play and the mentality/personality that we want our entire team to undertake.  It may take a long time but he has a ceiling of Scottie Pippen and a base of Tony Allen or Luc Mbah a Moute.  So even if he’s a “bust” you have a solid rotation player but the upside is that you get an all star at the one position you need one.

Doesn't this hometown kid look good in a Warrior uniform already?  

2.  With MKG off the board Damian Lillard slips past Portland and we bring the local kid home from his school in the boondocks for good.  He provides excellent depth at the point whether Curry plays or is on the shelf with his glass ankle.  He will also provide easy looks to Steph and Klay for stretches of each game when they are sporting be one of the most lethal small lineups in the league.  This may just be my personal preference as option two since I’m quite sure if we take him with Drummond still on the board there will be hell to pay in some minds (but I don’t think anyone will return their season tickets for next year).

3.  I’m not a huge Harrison Barnes fan; in fact, I’m just not a fan.  It has more to do with his attitude and his “brand” then it does his game but you’d have to take him if he slips.  It’s half because of his game fitting a need and being the “best available” (debatable) and half because like Drummond he carries a certain amount of weight if we’re building for a trade at the deadline this season. 

I don't know who Herb Pope is either but I think he outplayed Joe Barely Cares 2.0

4. Drafting Andre Drummond for me is a value proposition only.  Teams are always willing to take a chance in building up or redeeming a big man with physical tools like his.  Bigs with questionable motors and debatable love for the game rarely pan out but it’s hard to argue with the value he brings.  I see a poor mans Joe Barely Cares but what do I know?  I’d like to see them flip him in a bigger deal before he ever plays a game so he can’t tarnish the trade asset that may be at its all time sell high point.  This is yet another point that I am in the minority but that is the beauty of the internet, haters will always exist.

5.  There have been a number of trade down possibilities and if we can stay in the lottery while adding an immediate contributor like Mbah a Moute (or even Ekpe Udoh which was floated out as well) I’m in!  We’d have to get a hell of a player to go any lower than the 14th pick (where the Bucks pick currently sits after a trade with Houston) but I’m listening.  I’d actually put this scenario ahead of the Drummond pick but I made that selection with a bigger deal in mind.

6.  I’m still trying to decide if I’d want Dion Waiters more then a Drummond bait and switch or a Milwaukee trade down.  I like him and I’m pretty sure he’d look really good being a primary scorer on the second unit but I just don’t know enough about him.  He averaged less than 13 points per game on a talented squad but part of that was due to their Watch the Paint Dry Offense and partly due to a clash with Jim Boeheim.  Here’s to hoping Reverend Jackson can reign him in and extract every drop of potential out of him if that is the pick.

I’m so happy that I don’t need to read another mock draft and can slow down on my fake trade scenarios for a while at least.  Happy Draft Day everyone!  Hope to see all of you on Facebook and Twitter to chat as it all goes down...


  1. My Top 6 Scenarios:
    1. Bradley Beal goes 2nd to Cleveland after a trade with Charlotte. Dion Waiters goes 3rd to Washington, Jordan and the Bobcats get their guy on Harrison Barnes, Kings get MKG, and Portland gets Lillard. Basically, through all the hoopla, Robinson falls to 7 for the Warriors as a huge steal. The likelihood of it happening may be slim, but the Cavs and Wizards need a scoring SG to pair with their respective #1 overall pick PGs, and MKG doesn't fit that mold. Sacramento has a stable of players in their front court and MKG is too tempting to pass up. Blazers need a direction on offense and they find that in Lillard. Warriors find a great rotational piece in their injury prone front court.
    2. Pretty much your scenario with MKG falling to the Warriors in a similar situation where Waiters goes top 5, most likely 4th to the Cavs.
    3. Warriors trade down with the Rockets so they can draft their center of the future Andre Drummond for the 12th and 16th pick. With the 12th pick the Warriors pick up Jeremy Lamb, and with the 16th pick they get either a developmental prospect with Perry Jones III, a rotational wingman in Moe Harkless, or the rebounding machine that is Jared Sullinger. Building depth and adding assets should keep many of the questionable starting pieces the Warriors have now much more healthy.
    4. Blazers let Damian Lillard slip by them and the Warriors pick up the Oakland native. This would allow the organization to choose between three quality point guards for the future.
    5. Warriors select Dion Waiters, who could possibly develop into a Dwyane Wade like player. He would be a welcome offensive jolt off the bench, and could transition to PG later on.
    6. Warriors select Andre Drummond, the guy just has all the physical tools to become something great and he's so young and impressionable that a lack of basketball passion could be something the Logo himself is able to rekindle in him. Besides, the Warriors wouldn't need him to perform exceptionally now, and he would have time to develop into an offensive threat while providing defense and rebounding on the second team.

    1. Well thought out and articulated, Luie Powell. I would agree with most of what you said, although I admit to being just enough slow witted to be a bit boggled with the way your first scenario plays out. God, I would love to have Robinson, but have long given up the possibility that he might just slip to us. You have definitely contrived a very plausible scenario here. Well done !

      The only guy you mention in any of your scenarios I would very much hesitate to pick would be Sullinger, due to his back troubles and his inability to play above the rim.

      For me, I would be totally enthralled if any of your T.Rob, MKG or Lillard scenarios played out.

      Nice read, mate.

    2. I hope we don't make it to scenario 6'd be very happy with any of your top 5!

    3. @Mr Mean, the first scenario is pretty much my dream scenario that I could see being very plausible as well. I like Sullinger, I think he would be a poor mans Thomas Robinson without the athleticism, and if he develops a three point shot like Kevin Love did, he would be a huge threat. I just don't like him in a lottery position, and therefore would only consider him if we trade down. Moe Harkless could be another nice addition if we trade down, but SF is deep enough as it is, and we need big men to rotate in and out for both Bogut and DLee. I know DLee can play 40 minutes a game, I just don't want him to.

      @Justin I really feel like it's going to get crazy with the trades, teams want specific players at specific positions, and SF seems like the least needed for the teams in the lottery. One of Barnes, MKG, Lillard, T-Rob, Drummond, or Waiters has to be available for us, and the only situation where I'd want to trade down is Drummond is the only one of those available, and the Warriors just really don't like him, although I can't think of a better team for him to join where he doesn't have to perform immediately yet could be an important piece in the chance someone (more likely Bogut) gets hurt. Sad to say, but I trust Drummond far more than Biedrins.

  2. Very well articulated, mate. Are we etheric twins or what ? Have to say that my dream scenario would perfectly duplicate yours, with the possible exception that I am now leaning towards Lillard rather than MKG. And here's why...

    Although it appears that right now MKG has more of the package we need than any others on our collective lists, and could conceivably start at the 3 by the All Star Game and be a star of the future.

    However, for me, Lillard might just be the more intelligent choice when considering Curry's injury history and the fact that Curry will be up for a near max contract in a year or two.

    Lillard, as many have recently learned has a tough, determined attitude combined with a bit of maturity and willingness to accept responsibility, such as he had at Weber State last season, when he had to shoulder more of the scoring load as some of his mates went down with injuries, which, as we are seeing now, there are many who question his willingness or ability to defer to others, which in turn may have injured his draft stock a wee bit. I would also love it if we were able to entice J. Kidd back home to mentor him into possible stardom.

    So, Justin, since I have an intelligent audience in front of me, I would like to make my current dream roster scenario right here, right now. If I had my "druthers" this is how the 2012-13 Warriors would look like.

    Guards: Curry, Thompson, Kidd, Rush, Lillard, Jenkins

    Small Forwards: McGuire, RJeff, C. Wright

    Power Forwards/Center: Lee, Bogut, Tyler, 1 of the following: Fab Melo (need his shot blocking and defense), Draymond Green or Andrew Nicholson (we trade our #30 and #35 to what ever spot in the mid-20's it would take to land one of them), Ian Mahanmi, then finally, Michael Gladness or a surprise out of training camp.

    The getting both Kidd and Mahinmi came through the ethers from the Impish Spirit of Don Nelson taking one more gotcha on Mark Cuban !

    Whatcha think, mate ?

    1. I hope Lillard falls. That attitude just rubs me the right way. I like Waiters but his demeanor strikes me as a little bit indifferent. Either of them are much bigger competitors than Drummond who not a single person has used that term to descibe his game.

      I think that's a playoff roster that can continue to grow into something more. I can't say that in a SF trade scenario which would be a playoff roster with zero room for growth.

  3. Oh, yes, what about D. Wright and Beans, you may well ask ?

    Well, it may take us including D. Wright along with our #30 and #35 picks (love it if it took only #30 or 35 and D.Wright, however) to move up for a mid-20's pick.

    As far as AB13 is concerned, one of two scenarios MUST happen or we have the Ghost of Andris and his albatross of a contract choking up the flow yet another year. We need to either transform him back into the player he once was or we find a way to jettison him, period.

    First, and for me more preferable, would be to have him return to his former double-double days. But how, you may ask ?

    Well, one needs to admit to the fact that his biggest problem, by far, is inside his brain. Yes, he's become a head case and a major headache for the team and us long suffering, long forgiving fans.

    So, how might turn this one around, eh ? My plan is to get a bunch of action oriented fans
    to write the management and ownership of the team that they simply need to pay Anthony Robbins a few mil to sort him out.

    Never heard of Tony Robbins, you say ? Well, this Neuro-Linguistic Programming genius is rightly credited with turning Byron Scott's game around when he hit a similar wall.

    Robbins has the technology and the technique to turn around such challenging situations in just ONE session, mates. That's why he makes 40 mil per year in personal income !

    But if Lacob, etal, cannot be bothered to resurrect the Ghost of AB13 and save millions by spending a few more and someone else does it, we will have missed out on a potentially very valuable asset at a position of great need and kick our own asses to smithereens, once again !

  4. I watched the Kings youtube workouts of Drummond and Lillard last night. Both were ridiculously impressive, but for very different reasons. I'd be happy with either

    Here's my prediction - Warrior's are definitely going to be doing some trading tonight. And it would not surprise me too much if one of the four "locked in" starters was involved.

    1. There are no sacred cows on this team! Although they are treating Klay like one, Can't blame them since they won't get equal value, especially for what we need and our lack of depth.

  5. Looking at their roster, assuming Curry's Ankle isn't glass anymore and Bogut was ready to play come October, this is what I'd do as GM:
    #1-If all possible, buy out Biedrins and get him out of a W's uniform for good.
    #2-Release or try to trade all of these players-Nate Robinson, Richard Jefferson, and Mikki Moore.
    #3-This is the starting lineup: Curry, Thompson, Bogut, Lee, Rush with the backups as: Jenkins, McGuire, Tyler, D Wright
    #4-They draft whoever's left at #7 out of (MKG, Robinson, Drummond, or Lilliard-All can play). If God becomes a Warriors fan, it is MKG.
    #5-Draft the Lanky Vanilla Euro guy that can shoot 3's but has a mean streak at #30 and hope he is Dirk 2.0
    #6-Draft Jay Crowder in the 2nd Round
    #7-Draft Robert Sacre in the 2nd Round
    #8-Pray that

  6. Nice article Justin. Way excited that it is finally draft day. Your right the draft is full of possibilities and alot of the fun is not knowing whats gonna happen.

    Do we make a trade at 7?

    -Trade up with the rival Kings if MKG slips to 5.
    -Trade down with Houston for #12 and #18.
    -Trade down with the Bucks for #14 and a player.

    If we stay at #7 will Waiters even be there for West to crown?
    Will we be able to pass on Harrison Barnes if he slips to us?
    What about Drummond?
    Is Zeller or Henson even a possibility?

    Will Jeff Taylor and Quincy Miller both get snagged in the late 20's before we pick at #30?
    What about O'Quin or Ezeli making it to #35 for us.
    Could we go after the 2nd best pure PG in the draft in Scott Machado with either of those picks?
    Do we have to stash a Euro player or could we be take advantage of the new D-league team?

    Wish list:
    MKG in a trade up.

    Waiters at 7.
    QMiller at #30
    O'Quin at #35
    Drew Gordon at #52

    If we trade down
    With the Rockets, Terrence Jones and Moe Harkless.
    With the Bucks, Udoh and Harkless.

    1. Someone just reminded me that I don't know what I'm talking about on Udoh (can't be traded back to same team for 1 calendar year per new CBA) but I'd be just as happy with Mbah a Moute

    2. The Logo said there's like 40 players the W's would be happy to draft, you have to like those odds. I'd love to see the team draft 4-5 players and use the Santa Cruz team to develop the one's that don't make the cut.

      Unless they can trade up for Beal, T-Rob, or MKG, a trade back is sounding like the best move for GS, especially if they can get an extra 1st rounder. Now is the time to stock up on young players.

    3. CSN put MKG as their #1 bust in the draft.

    4. @JR Can't see MKG as a bust, he has great size and athleticism to play both SG and SF, plus he's one of the most tenacious and hardworking guys in the draft. The biggest thing though, he's only 19! Developing a shot with proper mechanics is easy, it just takes lots and lots of practice, but the Warriors don't need scoring right now. They need hard-nosed, rebounding, defensive pieces that will allow us to stay competitive on those night where none of our shots are falling. MKG fits us perfectly now and in the future, the question is will he be there? With the rise of Bradley Beal and Dion Waiters, and two teams ahead of us desperately needing scoring guards, MKG has a decent shot of falling to us, especially if Houston is able to get the 5th pick for Drummond.

    5. It wasn't my prediction... They're saying that based upon where he's drafted pick he'll be a bust, but not a total flop.

      Whatever happens, it's going to be interesting, I can't remember ever being this into a Draft. Maybe it's because the W's finally have a C & PF combo.

    6. MKG is Tony Allen at the very worst...Would Tony Allen help the Warriors right now? I think so!

      I'll be trying to comment here throughout the draft but I'll be updating constantly over on Facebook @

      Hope some of you can make it over there to talk some shit with me!

  7. One of the more pressing needs for GS was to find a player that can defend, rebound, and take & make big shots. To potentially find that player at the weakest starting position is a perfect fit if all goes according to plan. GS is very lucky that Barnes fell.

    Ezeli seems like a solid project & Green looks like an ultimate Warrior. Ezeli & Green soon to be aka "muscle" & "hustle."

    Unfortunately, GS might still be trapped w/ Ezeli, C. Wright, Biens, Tyler, &/or Green as PF/C backups. Who starts if either Lee or Bogut go down?

    1. We aren't the only team that can say that though...90% of the back up centers in the league suck too...All in all it was a good day, I agree with your assessment of the picks and I don't think we could have done any better for the roster or the franchise in one days work.

      I think those are the nicest things I've ever said about my own

    2. Ezeli may be able to D. up most PF/C's right away, my concern is boxing out & rebounding vs. pf/c combos like the new beast in Sacto Cousins/T-Rob. Better sign Kwame Brown.

      "Unfortunately, GS might still be trapped w/ Ezeli, C. Wright, Biens, Tyler, &/or Green as PF/C backups. Who starts if either Lee or Bogut go down?"

    3. They also don't have a PG backup but I'm not as worried about that w/ Jenks is capable.

      No players that can really drive the paint yet either but we do have players that can post up now in Bogut & Green so that's not as big a concern.

    4. Kwame would be a good fit as long as the money's right, I hope no one tries to overpay him this summer. Hasn't he stolen enough money? C'mon kwame...You've gotten over by almost $40 million to this point in your bust of a career, give a discount to a team that actually wants you already!

    5. Hopefully Ezeli can outplay Biedrins but you know who's starting when Bogut goes

      It's like I was saying though,who starts in Sac if Cousins goes down? Who starts in NY if Chandler goes down? Who starts in LA if Bynum goes down? Times have changed, if you're center gets hurt you're going small.

    6. Maybe banging w/ Eze & Bogut in practice all season will toughen Biens up lol.

      No doubt that's true for a lot of teams but I think a many teams will at least have someone that can effectively defend the paint, box out & rebound - or have some offense to counter their bad D. That's all the W's need. And the W's may have that prob at both PF & C.

      Ezeli's strength, size, & "motor" may counter the negatives. There's things to like from both Eze & Tyler so I don't mean to be too negative but... Based on the links below, those two should seriously consider hiring a Wide Receiver coach, eating lots of zinc, & playing ping-pong, tennis, vids, or catch 24x7. It could pay off for them in a huge way when their contract is up for renewal.

      One NBA executive compared Ezeli with Nazr Mohammed, the longtime vet currently with the Thunder. But Mohammed could score a little earlier in his career, and it's going to be hard for Ezeli to ever be a factor at that end of the court.

      "Bad, bad mitts, man," one general manager said of Ezeli. "That really scares me."

      That came up with more than one birddog. One scout said Ezeli has to have both feet together before you can even think about throwing him the ball -- and there's no way you want to throw him no-look passes.

      "His hands are pretty shaky," another scout said. "He doesn't have a good feel for the game. He has a horrible assist/turnover ratio ... his hands, he had trouble catching the ball at critical times. I think he rushes. I think he gets excited. I don't think his instincts are good."

      Still, Ezeli will get a look.

      "He's a tough banger, strong in the post, kinda robotic but uses his body well to score in the low post," said an assistant coach of a team that played Vanderbilt last season. "He runs (the) floor, not a good pick and roll defender, can block shots. He was hurt, suspended or both so he had a down year compared to last year. I don't think he was at full strength during the season."

    7. You might've already seen it in the links below, but you have to love what both their coaches said about Green & Ezeli. That's something that the W's front office apparently put a huge amount of stock in.

      Green sounds a lot like an offensive version of Dom McGuire, and I do mean that as a complement. Not sure if they'll resign McGuire but he & Green would make an interesting game day combo, & they will really challenge players like Tyler, Biens, & Ezeli in practice & for in game minutes.

  8. Replies
    1. Agreed, if Ezeli can just defend the paint & box out so the opposing C doesn't grab a rebound it was a very good day.

      Ezeli doesn't necessarily have to rebound, he just needs to help the team rebound.

    2. If we do this well in free agency filling the PG spot I am going to be more optimistic for this season then I've been in years.

      By the way, Good Job Shawn! You nailed the Ezeli pick along with a couple of other to win the Mock Draft Challenge. If you'd like a Tshirt for your efforts you'll just have to email me at

      Great Picks!

    3. Ok... with the Bogut/Curry health issues, there's still BIG concerns about backups at PG & especially C.

      BUT, if Barnes comes in as advertised, & if Ezeli &/or Green can clean up the rebounds & D. up in the paint then this is a tremendous draft for the W's.

      PG Curry
      SG Thompson
      SF Barnes
      PF Lee
      C Bogut

      Could be the best starting 5 GS has had in a long, long time if..if..if..

    4. yeah! lucky, wow. Thx JT. I will email you tonight.

  9. Steph Curry.
    I'm happy with what Steph has been saying about his recovery lately. He says he tried to come back last summer too quickly on his ankles. Now he has much more patience, working with the trainers and has checkpoints with the doctors. Only after passing tests, does he move on to the next step in his training. I have some faith that he can become more reliable and less injury prone. Lets hope so. I do want him to take a couple games off here and there and not play more than 35 min a game.
    In addition, now it seems that the hole in the lineup is a combo guard that can spell Steph and play next to him in the lineup at times to set him up as a 2. I like that Steinmetz has the same idea. He seems to like Andre Miller and I do too, but he made more than 8 mil last year and probably is not available at the MLE the Dubs have (5mil?)

    I do love the idea of bringing in Brandon Roy even tho he has problems with the cartilage in his knees. Interestingly, Kobe seems to find a way to continue to play with the same issue. Kobe has used a procedure that seems to be borderline illegal... high plasma blood injections (can't remember the official name of this.) Hopefully for Roy, he is looking into the same kind of new medical breakthroughs. This particular procedure has been shown to allow knee cartilage to regrow quickly.

    Another name is Chauncey Billups. He only made 2 mil with the Clippers last year if what the internet tells me is correct lol. That's amazing for a former NBA Finals MVP... I would love to have Billups on the Warriors even tho he had the ACL tear last year. Word is he is not retiring and wants to play more. I could see him playing 20-25 min a game with the Warriors at the 1 and 2. He could take a back seat and come off the bench, I would think. His leadership and game would be huge.

    Steinmetz also seems to like the Hawks FA PG Hinrich as well, but I really don't. He can shoot the three a bit, but has been injured as well with less upside than Miller or Billups. Quite a bit less.

    I like the idea of bringing in Aaron Brooks who played last year in China but is currently property of the Suns. The Suns offered him a qualifying offer of around 4 mil. I remember Brooks with the Rockets a few years ago and he was fearless going to the rack. The Dubs could really use that for the team now in a change of pace PG. Whether he still has that in his game now, I don't know.

    Thoughts on fa's at point or other?

    1. posted the above on my own site Not enough activity there. I did respond to the question about how the Dubs could have afforded Rudy Gay.

      Now that's not necessary due to Harrison Barnes. He better be serious about working hard, and if he is, people think he has a Luol Deng upside and I love it. We wanted Deng, but it never made sense with his wrist isssue until it just came out that he might not have surguery. There was interesting story that stated the Bulls guaranteed that Deng would not be going to the Warriors. I tend to think that the Dubs offered Andris Biedrins and the #7 for Deng. Works for the Warriors! Not for the Bulls. Alternative? Richard Jefferson and the #7 for Deng? No? Ok well at least we tried. Do I blame them? No. We can play hardball and if we don't get what we want, then we will make our own luck. They did.

      Barnes wow (upside is quoted as Luol Deng). Few people thought he could go to Jodan's Bobcats at #2. They were wrong and by all accounts, everyone was wrong as Cleveland and Sac would never pass him up. The worst thing I heard in passing was that his defense could be suspect. No one else has ever said defense was an issue at all. He has shown great defensive skill. It was when the guy I wanted at #6 that I realized this was a big turning point for our Warriors.

      Barnes or Drummond? Something to think about and most of all wait.

      Me, Barnes by a long shot. I love the fact that Kawakami hit some good points about the test of Drummond. They passed. Nice!

      Ezeli. Udoh vs 2.0. New and improved. A real center. Wow. Picked up a basketball for the first time at 14 near Sacramento. This guy = Drummond with much less risk. I cheered aloud for this pick sitting by myself when I heard it. Yeah!

      Green. Big 10 player of the year is taken in the second round? Cool. Haha I mean websites like are giving the Dubs the best grade overall this year. It's early. Stoked.


      this is just one of my favorite Steven A. Smith posts of all time. and other things w/ an Oakland A's comparison and the yankees would be similar to the Warriors vs. Miami Heat compatison. And I need to revisit this soon. -the fraz

    3. one more all night rant... lets bring in Jamal Crawford as the backup 1/2. You all might hate me for this idea, but.... what can he do? Get to the rim as a 2nd unit PG. Crawford is also 6'5" and has played for the Dubs before, once scoring 50 points under the leadership of the archaic Don Nelson...
      I'm not kidding. The price is right. He knows he will be a second team player to Steph, and be relied upon to get to the hoop and the free throw line.

      I would never want to put winning and losing on Crawford's game, but with our current lineup, the slashing point guard could be the best addition. Crawford for 3 years at 15 mil could be better than Waiters could have given us...

      All these things will be forgotten in three years. lol.

    4. the major PG deficiencies i see (did I really spell that big word right? lol) are drawing fouls and getting deep into the paint to score or dump to the big man. One of my favorite plays is for the PG to get to the paint, and have a choice. Curry can get this done. Shoot or pass. Curry seems to be a bit afraid to finish when he doesn't have legit rebounders under the rim. I think Crawford as a sub has less fear especially considering he is a veteran and a few inches larger.

      I do understand that Crawford has been in the league for a number of years and had big, but unsuccessful years with the Hawks, Warriors and Blazers.
      I think that Crawford could be the type of player that fits with this year's group more than any Warriors' team before. There is no other player that has a to the rack game right now that is better than Crawford's. Waiters? Yes. Forget that. Crawford? Think about it as the change of pace PG. Playoffs? yes.

    5. I'd never hate you for an idea that you think might help the team and I do like the idea, just don't think he'll come back for what we can offer at this point. PG/Combo is definitely going to be the priority in Free Agency and I'll be exploring that more next week.

    6. When he's not on flat tires, Curry can get to the paint ok w/ his floater, he needs to convert it more consistently maybe but he can do it. Thompson, Rush, & Barnes will at least keep teams honest w/ their drive-abilities.

      The biggest priority is a proven C that can also play PF. Like J.T. said earlier, most teams don't have quality backups in the paint but I think a lot of times it's quality backups at PF/C is what separates the good teams from the bad... As long as their other players are adequate.

      Maybe the MLE for another 1 year for K. Brown if he's willing? Not sure how much they can spend, but they might be able to use D. Wright on a sign & trade with Milwaukee or something. On paper, Ezeli sounds bigger & stronger than Udoh but not as coordinated.

      As for the PG's/SG's... I do like Mr. Big Shot (Billups) a lot but he's probably going back to the Clips. There's got to be a reason why machado fell out of the draft, but maybe they can bring him into as a pass 1st PG / un-drafted rookie.

    7. I think the Warriors need to add a veteran at the 1/4/5 spots. Will the MLE be enough to bring in someone like Camby or Kenyon Martin? As far as the backup 1 I like Heinrich. He's tough and can defend, run a team, and hit the 3. And I don't like the idea of bringing back Crawford. He's not very good defensively and he's more of a guy who uses his dribble to get his jumper off than to get to the rim

    8. More than anything we need a point that can get in the lane and break down the D every once in a while and it sucks that it doesn't seem like there is one out there...I've advocated for Kidd and I still like him as much as anyone but none of these guys that are out there really fill that need. Crawford, Hinrich, Miller, Billups, Kidd...all of them keep us perimeter oriented...out of the bunch I think Miller can operate in the lane more than any of them but don't think he'll take what little money we can offer.

    9. Well Miller re-signed with Denver so he's out of the picture. If you're looking for a guard that can get into the lane and penetrate then I think the best available are Dragic, Lou Williams, and Jameer Nelson. These guys will probably get more than the MLE somewhere else so the likelihood of landing any of them is slim. Then there's Sessions, Johnny Flynn, and Barbosa. I would still take Heinrich, or like you mentioned, Kidd and Billups over the rest because of their defense, veteran leadership, and ability to play them alongside Curry. Although i agree having a guard that can penetrate is important I feel these other attributes are more essential to the teams overall success. But that's just my opinion.

    10. Hadn't seen the miller news, too bad but I'm sure they gave him more than we could have...I'd be happy with Hinrich or Kidd for the same reasons you noted...Barbosa is a name I hadnt thought of, he's definitely a penetrator and a good shooter, not much of a PG but we could use the speed...

    11. Assuming the W's could only add 1 player... Who would you rather have?

      C - Bogut - K. Brown - Ezeli - Biedrins
      PF - Lee - K. Brown - Green - Biedrins
      PG - Curry - Nate Robinson (or D.Wright trade) - Jenkins


      C - Bogut - Biedrins - Ezeli
      PF - Lee - Tyler - Green - C. Wright/Gladness
      PG - Curry - Heinrich - Jenkins

    12. In a word I never thought anyone would say...Kwame! no doubt

    13. Until Eze proves he's got NBA talent, a tough backup C that can also play PF should still be the #1 priority in order to escape the trap :D

      K. Brown will probably be cheaper this year and well worth the MLE or maybe a sign & trade w/ the Bucks. An upgrade at PG would be nice, but Jenks has NBA talent & Nate Robinson can be an energizer.

      There's usually a non free agent or two on the trading block so GS could try to trade D. Wright for a vet PG. Now that Ellis is gone, other players are going to be asked to do drive the paint more, even if it's not exactly their cup of tea. I think the W's can deliver well enough as a team in this regard because the GS shooting & passing abilities will spread the floor. Unlike prior seasons, opponents will now have to account for every starter.

      Also, there's more than one way to score in the paint & the W's may finally have a post-up game w/ Bogut, Lee to some extent, & hopefully Green. Barnes sounds like he could iso post-up vs. a lot of SF's in order to mix things up.

    14. An upgrade at *backup PG*

    15. lol at your comment.

      The good thing w/ the new front office is that you know they're figuring out a way to get both a PG & C/PF. Depending on D. Wright's trade value, it should be doable.

  10. Lineup... Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Lee, Bogut
    first off the bensh... competition between Jamal Crawford, Brandon Rush, Draymond Green, jeremy Tyler, Festus Ezeli. I think we have a very deep, young lineup.

    1. I like Jamal Crawford but someone will pay him more than us to be their scoring 6th man. You don't think McGuire is coming back? Or just that he won't be first off the bench?

    2. I don't think there is room for McGuire anymore. I did say earlier, we have to have him back or I would stop watching the Dubs lol. Now with Barnes who can defend as well as score, and Green who can rebound at the 3 or 4 among with other contributions from him, I don't know that McGuire is necessary. I loved him as a cheap defensive stopper and rebounder. I think we can only suit up 12 each game. It gets to be... well one of these guys wont be here. We cant get rid of Beans it seems and he's not going to play much, hopefully. R Jeff could be much the same story. How the heck do we get rid of them? We don't. They just sit at the end of the bench getting PAID. So no, no room for McGuire I think.

    3. I feel where your coming from and I'll take it a step breaking down the roster for my next column I'm thinking they do in fact NEED McGuire...The guy I think they can do without now? Richard Jefferson and Dorrell kidding...We've known that all year...I'm actually thinking that Rush is the guy who's talents have been duplicated. It's really too bad the RJ and DW on the roster because a rotation of Rush, DMc, and Barnes is a perfect at the three...It's a tough decision that I'll be giving more thought to before I post it...Can anyone tell me the rules of signing a retracted free agent then trading? Time frames? limits? I'll be looking into that as well because he's wrath more than Dorrell...

    4. I've heard that the rules on RFA's are different this year. I believe the time period to match another teams offer is less than it used to be, but am not sure...
      Now that I look at the FA news items, it looks like McGuire may still make sense. Dubs are rumored to be looking at JJ Hickson and Jordan Hill. Why would they spend 3 or 4 mil a year on one of them when McGuire might be resigned for as little as 2 mil or less?
      Yep there is talk about trading DWright and hopefully something good can come of it. Steinmetz has said that that may only bring a 2nd rounder and cap relief. Sounds good to me.
      I just don't know about roster spots. We could really use a combo guard to play 20-25 min a game or more based on injuries or rest for the starters.
      Can the Dubs keep Beans or RJeff with out having them suit up for games? Or can we buy them out? Trades just don't seem to be a snowballs chance in hell for either of them.
      Interesting that today's news was that Myers may not want to spend the full MLE as that could put them over 70mil and the luxury tax. More news is that Andre Miller agreed to a deal with the Nuggets for 3 years 9 mil. I would think that is a price the Dubs would seriously consider besting to land Miller.
      If Miller goes at 3 mil a year, I don't see Jamal Crawford getting more. He has been highly inefficient and doesn't play much D. However, if the price is right he could be a decent option off the bench in my mind.
      Looks a bit sketchy right now to fill up the roster, but the team definitely looks better now than it did heading into last year.
      Fingers crossed!

  11. I like Green's stats. He shows he can just make a few adjustments & produce better than average #'s his rookie year. Shows up daily for work as should. Seems to find a way to make a difference even if things he relies on aren't working. I don't think he's a player who will hurt you. I feel Ezeli will grow into a enforcer around the rim. Myers & group felt solid on Barns but hopefully he can shuffle the feet. Barnes can play the "O" end, can he stop his opponent? I agree that with a little luck in the free agent pool GS could put a respectable group on the floor to produce enjoyable basketball to watch. This was what I had asked for prior to this draft so this satisfies my wishes. Much more favorable results in this season's draft. For staying with the picks we had & not making any moves I feel the war room did a good job. How about this giant at 52? Any scoop on him? Whats your take? Let me know. S

    1. Barnes will be a good starter for the next 10 years, nothing more nothing less. I won't argue with that pick because he's fills the long term need and fits nicely with the rest of our starters. Ezeli reminds me a little bit of a young Tyson Chandler and I'm hoping he develops into that true defensive stopper off the bench. I think the true center version of Udoh is a good comparison for now. Green is a pure basketball player with real skills and feel for the game. Love that pick at #35. As for the giant from Bosnia...I don't think we'll ever see him with a Warriors uniform on. I can't shake the feeling that we'll see a trade on the ticker in two or three years that ends with the phrase "...and the draft rights to that big freakin Bosnian guy that no one has ever seen."

    2. GS already had shooter/scorers (Wright, Rush, Jefferson) & a defender / rebounder to play SF (McGuire). The difference w/ Barnes is that he'll do all of the above.

      Where Barnes has the chance to be more than just good starter is by being a great scorer in different ways, and especially by taking & making big shots. Along w/ the 3-shooting, Barnes has a post-up & mid-range game that the current set of SF's don't have. That'll really help the W's mix things up & spread the D during crunch time.

      The W's have 4-5 legit 4th qr go-to options. It won't be one guy carrying the full load, but I get the feeling that Curry, Barnes, and maybe Thompson will be called upon more often than not in make or break situations, thereby allowing Bogut & Lee to crash the boards.

  12. Right now I'm working on a full draft breakdown that will be posted here and on Bleacher Report on Sunday night. I'm collaborating with Rohit Ghosh from B/R and and will also be completing a FULL Warriors draft breakdown that will be here and on B/R as well. I'll let everyone know when it's up hopefully ASAP.

    Check Rohit's B/R archive and site if your wondering who I'm working with right now.