Friday, May 4, 2012

First round of T shirts arrive

They were spoken for before I even got them!  I'm already working on a larger run since these were basically a test.  If you see one on the street you know that is a serious Warrior die hard who isn't a fair weather fan.  I want to help fans that are here for the long haul represent.  Hoping to get enough out there that we'll see them popping up all over at games next season, especially if Curry and Bogut don't get back on time.  Either way it's going to be a great day when we're all happy to be Trapped in Golden State.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll keep you posted when I've got it all figured out.  I need to get the guy's shirts dialed in but I know the girls will like those tanks...It's gonna be a busy offseason!


  1. is that a beater on the left? i could work out in that...

    we need to make a huge banner and hang it over oracle.

    1. That tank on the left is actually for women...I'm hoping to get some men's tanks and/or jerseys in the future.

      Hopefully I can get enough out there for them to get noticed next season. Like I said, when you see one of these will show that person as a die hard fan of the team more so than one of this site. There are so many of us that have been here through thick and thin there should be a better way to show it.

  2. looks pretty slick either way. by jerseys do you mean like actual team jerseys with like 'Trapped In Golden State' as the name on the back or what?

    even now when im wearing a curry jersey or a t shirt or whatever and i see another GSW shirt out in public i give 'em the 'nod'. as it stands, we dont need to weed out many 'fake fans' or bandwagoners... your team actually has to win to get any bandwagoners haha

    1. You are right about that, if you're sporting any gear it's pretty much a given you are a real fan...To me it just says that I've been a part of the struggle and I'll be here when things do finally change.

      Warrior fans travel very well and anytime I travel I've always got a jersey in my bag and always get props from fellow fans in or out of the country... I was in Nicaragua in Nov. and we got to our place, dropped our bags, went for a walk and the first people we see are a couple who pulled up in their car to say "I just drove all the way from San Francisco and the first guy I see is wearing a Richmond jersey! AWESOME."

      I'd like a swingman jersey with the logo just on the front, maybe trapped on the back but it's a ways off for sure...Got to work up to that