Thursday, May 17, 2012

9,990 hits and counting!

If you are the 10,000th hit take a screen shot of the counter and email it to me at with your shirt and I'll send you a free one when they come through!

Thank you to everyone who has visited in the last month and a half...

Be on the look out for the season review posts coming soon starting with the best part of the team, THE FANS!  Also, after the ping pong balls land I'll do a pre draft break down with a Trapped in Golden State Mock Draft.  I'll probably just make a mockery of mock drafts but as always I will take the Warriors options very serious and hopefully throw out some decent ideas.

If you're number 10,000-10,005 I suggest you email me the screen shot if you want a shirt cause if 10,000 doesn't cash the ticket I still want to reward someone who has helped make this site a success in its first month...