Sunday, April 15, 2012

Warriors Sorry We Suck Day

I'm getting ready to head out to GSWSWMATSSSBWHYSRYTNYSE Day! (Short for Golden State Warriors Sorry We Made All Those Statements and Still Suck But We Hope You'll Still Renew Your Tickets for Next Year Signing Event Day!) On second thought, I'll stick with WSWS Day (Warriors Sorry We Suck Day pronounced wus-wus day).

It'll be the first day all season that the ENTIRE roster shows up ready to contribute.  I'll report back if there is any tanking going on at this event later.  They'll also be showing off the new locker room which I'm sure will be a deciding factor for any free agents to be looking to relocate here in the offseason.  Like every other Warriors game this season I'm going in with very low expectations so maybe they'll surprise me.  If nothing else I hear there's free food so I'm showing up with an empty stomach so I can start making up for all the money I've wasted this year any way I can.

Drop a line and report back if you're going.  Hopefully I'll get a few pics to go into my next column. Happy WSWS Day Everyone!

You can see the lines coming down from each corner.  They got LONG in a HURRY.


Today wasn't half bad, I actually had a great time out (get it?) I'm just glad I was in line well before the doors opened.  The lines got ridiculous in a hurry.  Since I was first in line waiting at the first table I got interviewed for but I don't think I'm going to make the final cut, just like here I refuse to tell these guys what they want to hear!

Question 1: What is you favorite thing about being a Warriors fan?
Answer 1: Ummm, the torture?  I mean the team kind of drives us all crazy right? (They could edit deep for the next snippet) I really think its the fan base. I'm proud to be a part of this group that is loyal through thick and thin.

Question 2: What was your favorite moment this season?
Answer 2:  This season? You're kidding right? That is a super tough question! (Looking at the people in line behind me) Does anyone remember a good moment this season?  I'm sure it involved Monta Ellis and some amazing play I just can't think of the specific one.

Question 3: What was your favorite game this year?
Answer 3: Another tough one but it have to go with the Thunder game.  Monta and Kevin Durant both went off in spectacular fashion and at the end...WE LOST!  Mission accomplished.

Question 4: Why did you come to the legends table first?
Answer 4:  5 Hall of Famers at one table? There was no question where I was headed first.  Plus, they can't trade these guys.

I know I probably sounded like a jerk but it doesn't matter since it's all hitting the cutting room floor anyway.  Maybe I shouldn't have posted the transcript after all.  I hope some of you will call me on it and give me some ideas of things you know I wish I would have said, to the players or the cameras.  Maybe my favorite moment should have been Chris Mullin night?  I was on the spot, had I thought about it I'm sure I would have mentioned Lacob getting booed and that would have been cut anyways.  Again, telling people who have been jerking me around for years what they want to hear is just not going to happen.  I guess I'm kind of a prick like that but I've got to see it on the floor before I thaw to this management team.  I see progress but I tend to wear rose colored glasses when it comes to this team and I'm staying on my toes this time.

Dude in the picture isn't me, the Warrior Girls are the only ones without people around
 them asking you not to take pictures.

The set up was four tables, one at each corner of the floor and the line up looked like this:

Guards: Nate Robinson, Steph Curry, Charles Jenkins, Richard Jefferson
Forwards: Klay Thompson, Dominic McGuire, Brandon Rush, Dorrell Wright
Centers: Mikell Gladness, David Lee, Andrew Bogut and Jeremy Tyler
Legends: Tom Meschery, Nate Thurmond, Jerry West, Rick Barry, Al Attles

If you were could be first in line at any of those tables which would it be?  Of course I was at the Legends table waiting on 5 HOFers ahead 4 guys at any other table that may not even be here next week the way this franchise works.  That pretty much made my day, I wouldn't even call everything else icing on the cake, more like the lettering on top of the icing, barely even noticed.  The free hot dog ranked right up there with Dorrell Wright's signature.  Something funny that JUST struck me? Andris Biedrins wasn't even there!  Maybe we were all better off for it.

I hit the forwards next because I wanted to let Rush and McGuire know how much we appreciate what they've brought to the team. Then the big men and after that I skipped the guards because the line was wrapping around the arena.  Instead I hit the Warriors girls in the courts club and one last free burger on the way out.  Below are the comments I made (No BS) and the comments I didn't make because I'm not a total jerk.  Call me out if you think I should have stepped up and spoke for the hardcore fans on these.

Well worth the trip.  I would rather be in the playoffs (in which case there would be no signing day) but I'm happy to have 5 HOF + some really nice pieces of the franchise moving forward signatures.

Comments Made and not made:

McGuire and Rush (sitting next to each other): "Hey guys, what do you say we trade the 10,000 signatures you're going to sign today for the only two that matter?  The one from each of you that will keep you here at least through next season, right on the dotted line."

McGuire: "When you come back next year we're going to get a whole section of fans wearing hard hats with your number on them because we love all the dirty work you do.  Keep up the good work."

David Lee: We appreciate all the hard work you put in this year.  No one can say you didn't do your part. Now rest that 'INJURY' and don't worry about suiting up again this season.  Just get healed up and get ready for a big year next year." He responded, "I'll be ready, don't worry about that."

Andrew Bogut: "Welcome to Oakland.  You're going to love it here, we will be going crazy from day 1.  One thing, NO OLYMPICS! Please take the summer off and be 100% to start the season.  We're begging you."  Not much reaction there...had me thinking he wants to play this summer, everyone start holding breath right

Mikell Gladness: "This is your time, good luck getting that money for next year."

Klay Thompson: "Great year so far, keep shooting." What I didn't say, "You better start attacking more and keep working on your D unless your goal in the league is 6th man of the year consideration."

Dorrell Wright: Comments made...None.  Got nothing kind to say.  I could've said to start finishing at the basket and stop being such a passive little pansy! But I didn't, guess I'm the real pansy on that one huh?

Let me know what other comments I passed on.  Anyone out there got the balls to say what everyone is really thinking?  I had no problem singing praises but definitely choked on calling people out on the things that burns me every time I watch them play and have no problem writing here.  I say it was the wrong venue but what's the difference between today and Mullin night other than the fact there were more kids there today?  I had the chance and I blew it.  Then again, I didn't boo Lacob when I had the chance, I just laughed and defended the fans who did afterwards.  I think that is more my niche.  I think I'll stick with that.

When it's all said and done it was a good gesture from management and it was obvious the kids had a blast.  In the end that's what matters, making sure the kids enjoy themselves so they have a better experience with the team then we have.  I wish I could've grown up with the current ownership group because I might not be so cynical but I think I'm warming up and I think good things are ahead.  Just playoffs, no more WSWS Days...


  1. Root for ping pong balls.TTYL. S

    1. Lots of fans here waiting already...We show up for every game and event...wish I could say the same for the team!

  2. Even though the event was crowded, I think it went over well. My kids were happy to be able to say hi to David Lee and Andrew Bogut and to get a nice signed photograph. While I agree with most of your commentary, I have a positive outlook moving forward with the Lacob ownership. Keep up the good work, Justin.

  3. I'm with you moving forward Zini. I do believe in this group of owners. I think I'm mostly tempering expectations for the near future. I have no problem giving them a pass as long as they keep making steps in the right direction. I just hope they keep their mouth shut while they do it in the short term. Thanks for reading and not hesitating to weigh in!

  4. I sit spinning in circles. Seeing the photo's of three of the starting 5 in the 1964-65 NBA finals team makes tears roll down my face. Thought that the next season would be ours to claim. Again not until I left H.S. Rodgers, Attles, The Dipper, Meschery, & the Great on one squad? Priceless moments. You're a very lucky man to have been just within their presence. Tom was the piece few remember but I studied his ideas along with Attles D. philo. As a youth I had Pat Riley as my tutor at the Westmont College basketball camp. Pat had just left U of Kentucky to play with the S.D.Rockets. This is why I am what I am. I have the Adolph Rupp defensive thinking. My basketball history began with Guin Boggs, Newark H.S.69-72. Always had me in a gym playing hoops. He owns & operates the basketball camp called" Triple Threat B.C.(look him up, wealth of knowledge!!) & proud to say he taught me how to play the game. Guin was the best shooter I ever faced & never beat him in horse LOL.
    The greatest explanation of the game of basketball came in my senior season. Don Smith( WHS past coach),Boggs taught this theory. " Your Defense is your Offense". The game of basketball hinges on this sentence. D-O transition, Proper fast break principals, high percentage field goal shooting,opponent player disadvantages/fouls. Proven, undefeated, led the league in D!! GS, get a clue! Never fear stating your true feelings. Sometimes the truth hurts. Question everything! Improvement only comes when the hidden problems are exposed!!! I'm sorry as I get rather excited seeing 5 of the greatest players to ever strap the laces together. Thanks for the lo down. Type Triple Threat Basketball Camp will reveal his location. Get in a conversation with him, bring lunch. You'll love it! LOL S

  5. Thanks for the history lesson, definitely not principles followed by the warriors the last 30'll give those guys a look, I think nowadays Rupp is known more for the Glory Road movie with the his all white I said, once I got five HOF signatures I could have walked away happy, the only reason I stood in any other line was to give Lee, Bogut, Rush and McGuire a shout out...

  6. Hits are rising. Did my job. Knew the smartest would show. I'll be around. S

  7. You aint kidding...I figured 1000 hits in the first month would be a real good start...Now i'm shooting for 10,000...I'll be trying to post my next column tonight so check back for the Relocation debate...Every link and every nice thing you post to help just let people know there is a new alternative opinion piece out there is appreciated...the feedback has been amazing...

  8. Curry: "remember, ice until numb."
    Lee: "did anyone tell you how good you look in a blazer?"
    Bogut: "please wrap yourself in bubble wrap until the start of next season."
    Rush: "yea, just sign my autograph right on this line... and print it right here... what's that? no, there's nothing written on the other side! peace! see you next year!"
    Mcguire: "yea, i have no idea why dorrel starts in front of you either."
    Thompson: "smile out there! oh, and also it would help if you scored enough to stay in the ROY conversation but not enough to actually win games... thanks!"
    West: "i heard the warriors are looking for a new GM. huh? Riley? doesnt ring a bell..."
    Barry: "i would pay good money to see you stop a game with the Heat playing to lecture the crowd on booing lebron."
    Wright: "you DO realize you led the league in 3-ptrs made last season, right? okay, just checking."
    Lacob: "way to take it like a man. but if you thought THAT was bad, just TRY and relocate the team to SF."
    Gladness: "you should look into sponsoring Glad bags. I see scary potential here."

  9. HAAA!!! I knew someone would come up with something that would make me want to kick myself...

  10. oooohhhhow could i forget RJ: 'ey, jeff! you've got some big shoes to fill! you're replacing andris as the biggest financial ball-and-chain to our franchise! congrats, man!'

  11. I refused to wait in line for his line for Him, Steph, Jenkins and Nate...It was longer than the legends line!?!? Duh..Some people are ridiculous...need a little history lesson or something...the logo or the ankle? ya steph but I'm OUT!

  12. Soon you'll need 4 keyboards & 2 extra hands. Nice to see the conversation escalating so late in the season. True fans know that the important times for GS is now, here! Court time now is garbage. Iron out the important issues facing us Management!! Someone(B.R/S.B.N) mentioned straight across:Curry for A.D. I then examined my head to see if I was still alive. Pippen then stated Mike's not that stupid. Too bad he wasn't. I didn't sleep well last night after thinking of what our 3,4,5 positions would be! Can't we at least dream a little? If Kidd,Klay manned the 1-2? Thank the lord my physician is just around the corner. Positive thinking brings positive results. W's true fans starting to show for interaction from a knowledgeable fan who cares! Thanks for just being J. S
    P.S. The name "PSYCHO came from my H.S. basketball teammates taking my varsity jacket down to the tailor to be embroidered with "Psycho"72"(Coat stolen out of my car). On my photo page on Facebook LOL.

  13. Hey SRG, speaking of facebook, I've got a trapped in golden state page up on there now so you can follow there and shoot that link to any Warrior fans you may know on there...not sure how that works but every column i finish i'm posting there so it should notify you...I've basically finish my next one that i'd like to post tonight but i'll be busy watching the rookies and the D leaguers get waxed by the lakers...they should offer free parking on nights like this or something...even when we're tanking i hate getting beat up by those assholes but it is what it is...

  14. Great. Will tune in for the new material to torch my worn out eyes. I'll head to FB & hit some of my ol teammates on your site along with the FB plug. Golden State of Mind warned me of advertizing you on their site LOL. No problem, the word's already out. Thanks. S

  15. really? huh...i guess some people are pretty protective like that, don't want anyone else in the the end of the day, everyone on either site are warrior fans way before they are GSoM or Trapped fans ya know?...I just want to make sure Warrior fans know their is a voice spitting out opinions in a DIFFERENT way for once...not that I don't respect all the other voices, I still read them all daily but try to make sure i'm not regurgitating their ideas or content...i'm gonna go ahead and pull their link off my page if they're giving you shit...thanks for the heads up...

  16. Don't make any changes. They had their say & maybe I wasn't aware of their disclaimer which was posted when I signed on. Just a waste of your needed time as this gets roaring here. The #'s here are climbing at a staggering rate. Probably to over 7500 hits by the end of the week. We haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg yet. No worry's!!

  17. Replies
    1. I was wondering when an insufferable Laker fan would stoop down to my tanking level...


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