Friday, April 27, 2012

Season "Finale" Running Diary

Welcome to the "FINALE!" Lets get ready to bumble!


Waiting for the Knicks game to wrap up.  Congratulations to the Charlotte Bobcats for clinching the honor of Worst Basketball Team in NBA History Award!  I didn’t think they had it in them but boy was I wrong.  They could teach the Warriors a thing or two about bottoming out!  They officially have the best odds in the Unibrow Sweepstakes.

I have a feeling the TNT studio crew is going to do all they can to not talk about this upcoming game.
Charles says, “This is going to be very interesting” as Ernie announces, “the Warriors will start 5 rookies!” Five Rookies? Has this been done before?  I like these guys but they’re not exactly the Fab Five.  We’re making history tonight!  Amazing.

 Let's be honest, these guys wish they didn't have to watch this game let alone talk about it.

Maybe it’s a good thing that this crappy game is national.  We don’t have to see Gary St. Jean again this season now.  Is there a bigger symbol of our tortured past left around here?  I seriously hope he’s replaced by next season.

All Kevin Harlan and Greg Anthony can do is laugh at the starting line ups.

“If it looks like a preseason game folks it feels like a preseason game.” Says Kevin Harlan.  I couldn’t agree more…

Here we go!  Game #66

Chris Wright is making Mark Jackson look bad for not giving him more run early on during the tank right off the bat.  He’s definitely got a flair for the spectacular.

It took a shit game like this for Patty Mills to remind everyone that he is in fact back in the NBA.  I don’t think anyone outside of the Bay Area knew that.
As was expected, this is shaping up to be a terrible game, just turrible.  They might as well be playing at Mosswood Park in Oakland right now, but that would be an insult to the history of the park though.

I’m glad the guys on the bench are having such a good time.  Mark Jackson just left Nate, Dorrell and Andris ROLLING.  That has got to count for something on his resume right?

Chris Wright with another three point play opportunity.  I hope Dorrell doesn’t see the floor tonight or at any point moving forward for the Warriors.  From now on he doesn’t exist to me, if I say Wright I’m referring to Chris unless pointed out otherwise.

On that note another great defensive play from Wright setting Thompson up for an easy layup.  See, you could probably tell I’m not talking about Dorrell when Wright is followed by the words “great defensive play” or “he really hustled for that loose ball.”

Klay Thompson with some beautiful drives early, he has been very aggressive tonight.  I just hope he works on a facial expression or two this offseason.

The announcers are highlighting that Mark Jackson was adamant we are not tanking before the game.  I wonder if they knew he was starting five rookies as he was selling that line.

Patty Mills with 14 of San Antonio’s first 27 points. 

Can we go an entire game with nothing but rookies getting minutes.  That would have to be some sort of record.  Even with nothing but rookies we’re better than the Bobcats.  Maybe the claims that Kentucky would have beaten them this year weren’t as ridiculous as some made them out to be.

First quarter ends 29-27 Warriors and the token female sideline reporter is tasked with asking ridiculous questions to the Spurs Assistant Coach between quarters.  Shouldn’t the question be “How do you feel about Pop literally mailing this game in tonight?”

Dom McGuire and Mikki Moore start the second quarter completely ruining our shot at the first ever Rookies Only game.

You’ve got to really respect the way the TNT broadcast team is trying to make this game seem interesting.
I hope the Spurs get a fine for trying to forfeit this game.  How can a team actually look like they are trying to tank harder than the Warriors?

TNT just showed downtown Oakland and Harlan asked, “Is that Jack London Square?” How would he know, he’d never go downtown and that’s the first time TNT has ever shown that shot.

 Make note TNT, this is downtown Oakland, not Jack London Square.

Another highlight alley oop to Wright, this time from McGuire.  Two minutes later we get another one.  Is that four spectacular Chris Wright alley oops this half?

Another air balled three pointer from San Antonio followed by McGuire throwing an alley oop to nobody in particular, maybe someone sitting court side?

Tyler just had a pass bounce right through his hands.  I think that is going to be his NBA downfall, butterfingers doesn’t explain it, he’s got Pennzoil hands. 

That’s it for the unwatchable first half minus the Wright dunks and a couple nice Thompson drives.  So really, only 23 minutes and 25 seconds of the game so far has sucked.  54-53 Warriors at the half.

Props to Charles Barkley for this nugget from halftime, “The Warrias cannot win this game, thas jus stupid.  Mark Jackson, if you win this game Im’ma have ta fly out to Goden State and slap da hell outta you.”  Sorry, but it’s extremely hard to quote Charles, that was my best attempt.

It was nice the way they reiterated the point about twenty times during the half “Mark Jackson has to lose this game! Mark Jackson HAS to lose THIS GAME!”  And people give us shit for rooting for losses?  Screw those people.

Warriors rookies and Spurs third stringers, ready for the second half.

Boris Diaw must be on a strict cheeseburger/cheesecake diet.  The only reason he’s in this game is the Spurs want him to play his way into shape for the playoffs, 66 games into the season.  He had no reason to be fit playing for the Bobcats for most of this season though.

If the Warriors go down double digits I’m going to yell Bob Fitzgerald’s favorite line when they make a run…“THE WARRIORS CUT IT TO SINGLE DIGITS! They just WON’T go away!”
This game gets harder and harder to watch, might need to view the rest in fast-forward.  That has been my go to move when watching these shitty games.  Start them an hour late and skim through all the unwatchable free throws, turnovers and ridiculous Fitz statements.

That was a quick third quarter.  Thank god.  84-82 Spurs.

Queue up the token female sideline reporter with Bob Myers.  I can’t help but like the guy, he started going to Warrior games around the same time as me.  I’m actually very jealous of the different paths our lives have taken.

I would argue that this is the only guy that should be asking stupid questions between quarters.

Just got a shot of Biedrins on the bench, I think the problem is that he went away from the spike look.  Management should address that in the offseason.

Wright miss-handled his 20th highlight alley oop of the night and next time down the floor Tyler gets his best throw down of the season.  I think he’s been saving that one.

The refs are trying hard to swallow their whistles.  No one wants to be responsible for prolonging this game.
It’s a curious move to hold out Dorrell Wright because he helps the tanking cause.

Just heard this is the first five rookie start game since the stat was tracked in 1971.  I doubt it happened anytime before that though.

Token girl is interviewing Jackson and she asks him how proud he is that the team isn’t tanking?  Who feeds her these questions?  I’m sure this has been a great career move for her, whatever her name is.

I wonder if anyone tracks the stat for air balls in a game.  This one has got to be in contention for that record too. 

Wright just threw down a nasty dunk for the umpteenth time tonight.  Why haven’t we seen more of him while we were forced to stomach these last 30 games and why wasn’t he in the dunk contest?  He couldn’t compete with Jeremi Evans?

I think it’s time for me to stop talking about this game.  The announcers have.  They are treating it like a preseason or D League game at this point.  It’s kind of hard to blame them. 

Patty Mills just woke me up with his 30th point of the night.  I hope that scores him a contract next season.
Five rookies and Mikki Moore vs. five third stringers.  This game is in serious competition for worst game I’ve ever seen.  There have been too many Warrior games in contention for that title this season.  This is like a bad imitation of a high school all star game with all the botched lob passes and air balls.

What’s with the Lets Go Warriors chant?  Pack it in till next season folks; we need to lose this game! 103-97 Spurs, 3 to play. 

I’ve pined to re-sign McGuire all season but if he wills them to victory I reserve the right to completely reverse course on that.

Thank god the Warriors still can’t rebound to save their lives.  That seals it.  105-101, make it 107 Spurs and that’s a season folks!

Charles was taking a dump backstage instead of watching that pointless second half.
We can all start holding our breathe for a coin toss and to hope no one behind us in the lottery jumps ahead to keep our pick.  Sounds like a lot to me to.

That’s all folks!  Thanks for watching with me.  See you at the lottery!  Now instead of rooting for losses we can root for ping pong balls…and That is Warriors basketball!

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  1. Actually I saw a few things which caught my eye. Gladness presence in the interior,needed commodity here, Thompson as you mention going to the high % shot at the rim(although Klay missed another free throw), Jenkins freely attempting successful shots without pressure. Many +'s stood out but of course the score put the icing on the cake. The game prior to last evening's game may have put the icing on their 1st draft pick though also. If they were tanking why did they even attempt to win the last 2 games? Probably because they were attempting to win the games, not tank as they should have been. They just didn't have the personnel to win & just won enough possibly to loose their lottery pick when it really counted. To get a real piece of the pie, not the best bite but one which could have stuck with next seasons roster would have helped. Hopefully we can beat all odds by beating Toronto in the first runoff & then in the top seven placement to retain this needed value. Now we need to win this!!! NOT TANK THE PICK! Fans, prayers are definitely a need in order!! As usual I have my usual GS fan approach. Hands on my knees & ready to take my early med's. After these last 35 years I'm about ready to go for my Med. Weed Card! LOL. They would prescribe it to me due to my W's mental insanity I have possessed longer than most so called fans have been alive. Maybe some luck is in order hopefully. With F.T's, if you can't shoot over 70% you need to be in the gym 24hrs a day until you can. I do it still! 74% at 57. Back soon. 2012 is just starting as I see it! S

    1. The seventh slot is ours! my hopes still aren't up though, if one of the 6 or 7 teams behind us jump forward we're screwed and we do have a bit of a track record when it comes to getting screwed...Anybody think the drawing/coin flip is a bit fishy? Who did it and where? i think lacob just paid more than Toronto...

      I think a Dr. would issue a prescription based on that one symptom, "I'm a Warrior fan." I don't think Gladness factors in next season though unless they find a place to bury Biedrins body...stay tuned...

  2. One down, one to go!! Lady luck in the 1st round!! Can GS go the distance? Sure hope so. GS hasn't went anywhere worthwhile for awhile & maybe our time has come. Hopefully! S

    1. Just saw your latest reply. Nevertheless we still have a carrot in front of our nose. My positive thoughts hopefully will pull us thru!! I'm rather tough to bring down even in my youthful age. I still won't give up,never did, never will. As I've asked others: Do you give up on your child? NO! If you're a real GS fan you don't falter now either. S

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