Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introduction to the Season Finale Running Diary

By Justin Taylor

Almost time to exhale, just no talking while you do it coach!

Tonight is the night that the category 5 catastrophe known as 2011-12 ends.  Hopefully the Curse of the Warriors ends with it.  I’m not getting too excited considering every one of our best players just had surgery this week but it can’t get any worse right? RIGHT?  We’ve put so much pressure on the new management and ownership in the last two seasons that I'm afraid one of them might spontaneously combust soon.  We’ve tasked each one of them with steering our personal Titanic away from the iceberg we hit years ago but we have to always remember that Rome wasn’t built over night.  Our utopia may be on the horizon but remember that half of the reward is the journey itself.

If you’re reading this you're already a winner because you’re a contributor to the best fan base in the league, maybe in sports, period.  Fair-weather fans don’t read this site and why would they?  If you are one of those bandwagon jumpers I’m sure there are a ton of people saving a seat for you on a Lakers site somewhere.  If you’ve made it this far into this abysmal season congratulations are in order and I tip my hat to you.  You are part of the reason I haven’t committed sports suicide yet because I take pride in our team of almost 20,000 41 times a year.  The five 49er rings and one San Francisco Giants ring in my lifetime is the other part, now I just need my crown jewel.  

Misery loves company and there is no question that the true Warrior faithful are the best company you could keep in good times and bad.  When the sun eventually shines on us we will know that we paid our dues and deserve every bit of the glory that comes with it.  With or without the lottery pick that has had us rooting for loss after embarrassing loss I think that the ice is finally about to thaw on the Bay Area basketball dark ages.  It could just be global warming or the 2012 Mayan apocalypse but I don’t care, I’ve always said that I will ride this ship into the ground and I’ve been doing it for three decades and counting.

To commemorate this monumental day I will be ripping off the Bill Simmons’ running diary idea the same way Boston stole Robert Parrish and Kevin McHale from us so many years ago.  This should be great considering I expect it to be a exceptionally terrible game.  The Warriors are trotting out their rookies and D Leaguers while the Spurs will be sitting anyone who might help them in the playoffs including the coach!  The most exciting part of the actual game should be the $25k season ticket holder half court shot and the $100k ¾ court shot at halftime.  Either way I am ecstatic that this moment is finally here, I’ve been looking forward to this day for months…

Check back here at or get the update on Facebook as soon as it’s available by “Liking” the Trapped in Golden State page there.  As always, thank you for reading and thank you for taking this journey with the rest of the faithful.  8,000 hits on this site in its first month is just insane!  Warrior fans are the best anywhere and no one can tell me otherwise!


  1. First time reader to your site, season ticket holder and loyal Warriors Fan. I'm really enjoying reading your site. Like you and many other loyal Warrior fans, I have made a commitment to stick with our Dubs through thick and thin. Although we have had to endure some bad, bad seasons, we are always optimistic that there will be some light at the end of the tunnel(and hopefully these latest moves by the Lacob and Co. will pan out and we can once again cheer for a winning team instead of cheering for the underdogs). Warrior fans are the most loyal fans in the NBA - DIE HARD Fans. And I have a feeling that the future is bright for us Warrior fans. GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for reading and taking the time to drop a note Dan...If I didn't know there were so many die hard fans like us this wouldn't be worth doing but since there are I'm glad to do it...Sometimes all we can do is laugh off the pain and keep plowing ahead which is the entire point of Trapped in Golden State. If you're on Facebook and you'd like to get updates for new articles "like" the Trapped page and help me band together as many hardcore Dub fans as possible...See you at Oracle in November and in San Francisco in 2016, cause you know we aren't going anywhere! Thanks again!

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